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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Black Therapist Creates Unique Self-Help Therapy Tool That Helps You Manage Mental Health on Your Own

Marci Gray, creator of Empowerment Tool

Nationwide — Marci Gray, MSW, RSW, a Black mental health therapist, consultant and speaker, has created a powerful tool called The Empowerment Planner that helps people with self-improvement and mental health maintenance. It is designed to help those who already have a therapist and those who don’t.

Not sure about therapy?

The Empowerment Planner helps you work through personal and emotional challenges so that you can work on becoming your best self. With just a little bit of guidance, the system works great for people who want to work on their mental health and wellness on their own. Users can also bring this tool with them in therapy to guide their work with a therapist.

Ultimately, it is a mental health and wellness system that helps people to take time each day to take care of themselves. The planner is unique in that it has several benefits. For example, it helps users to ensure daily focus on self-care, monitor & boost mood, improve self-esteem, increase gratitude practice, incorporate daily affirmations, challenge and overcome anxiety, remain organized, keep track of your progress, set daily priorities, sort through thoughts and feelings, release your creativity, refocus on building a meaningful life, and become your best self.

The Empowerment Planner includes several elements that are scientifically proven to help improve mental and physical well-being. It includes Daily Affirmations, Gratitude Practice Space, a Self-Care Checklist, a Nutrition Log, a Thought Journal, Empowerment Worksheets, a Self Esteem Assessment, a Mood and Anxiety Tracker, and so much more.

For more details and/or to get your Empowerment Planner, visit the official website at GrayMatterHealth.com/shop

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