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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Black Author and Motivational Poet Releases New Visual Album Called “Grown Folk Business” to Elevate the Culture

Marcus Parker's new visual album

Nationwide — “Grown Folks Business” is a powerful visual album by Marcus Parker that combines music and introspective storytelling to address the struggles and triumphs of adulthood. Through a series of heartfelt songs and spoken word segments, Parker takes the listener on a journey of self-reflection and growth, sharing his own experiences and offering advice on navigating life’s challenges.

The album’s authenticity shines through Parker’s real and relatable lyrics. He effortlessly weaves motivational messages, personal anecdotes, and social commentary, creating a cohesive narrative that resonates with listeners. From tackling financial difficulties and relationship struggles to the importance of gratitude and self-healing, Parker covers many topics that many adults can relate to.

The album’s production is well-crafted, blending soulful melodies and hip-hop beats that complement Parker’s smooth delivery. Each track has its distinct sound, ranging from uplifting and energetic to reflective and contemplative, providing a dynamic listening experience. The spoken word segments interspersed throughout the album add an extra layer of depth and emotional impact.

One of the standout tracks, “Thank You,” emphasizes the power of gratitude and appreciating the people who have positively impacted our lives. The heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals evoke a sense of warmth and gratitude, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

While the album primarily targets adults, its messages of resilience, self-reflection, and personal growth can resonate with listeners of all ages. “Grown Folks Business” reminds us that life’s struggles can be overcome through perseverance, gratitude, and a willingness to learn from our experiences.

To See “Grown Folk Business,” click below:

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