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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Motivational Speaker Marcus Parker Launches New Android App as a Tool For Daily Motivation

Marcus Parker Motivation App

“A Dose Of Motivation” with Marcus Parker is now available in the Google Play Store

Nationwide — The evening news, the feature story on the front page of the paper, and even the most talked about local issues on local radio stations have one thing in common – they highlight the worst that is happening in the world today. While it is essential to understand the challenges in the local community, the nation, and around the globe – the constant onslaught of negativity can weigh too heavy, and result in a negative outlook on life.

This is why life coach, author, and motivational rap artist Marcus Parker AKA “M-Positive”, has launched his hot newly-updated Android app called “A Dose of Motivation.” The app is designed to provide instant access to a wide range of motivational entertainment and tools such as music, books, and on-the-go life lessons.

“While there is much in the world that can and should be improved, there is much good in the world too. This app highlights the positive thoughts and gives users a true dose of motivation through music, books, and life lessons,” says Parker, who has overcome his share of negativity in life.

By utilizing a free mobile app and entertainment to provide motivation while on-the-go, Parker has created a quick pick-me-up that anyone can turn to when they begin to feel down. The app has tools that are designed to motivate within minutes of hearing a motivating song designed to celebrate the positive aspects of life, helping people focus on their own personal goals.

The app is much more than just a list of quotes, but a fresh and modern take on being the best you can be. The app makes you feel good from the inside out—and there is nothing sexier than radiating the pure joy for life which Parker delivers in not only intellectual property but an array of pictures taken with scenes of nature in the background.

Aside from the daily lessons, and motivational entertainment provided in “A Dose of Motivation”, the app also allows users to connect directly with Marcus. He is available for private coaching sessions, live performances, and speaking engagements—and always enjoys meeting those who are moved to bring more light and positive energy into the world.

To learn more about “A Dose of Motivation” in the Google Play Store please follow this link:

Marcus Parker

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