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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

South Carolina Author Who Wrote Fictional Books About Immigration, Race, and Diversity Launches Online Humanity Chats

Marjy Marj

Nationwide — Ghanaian-American author Marjy Marj (Marjorie Boafo Appiah), who wrote The Shimmigrant and Same Elephants, has launched Humanity Chats – conversations about everyday issues impacting the human race.

Airing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at 7:00 PM EST on Thursdays, Humanity Chats encourages an open dialogue with guests. The Chats have generated discussions on topics such as Racial Inequities, Pediatric Care during Pandemics, Mental Health, Social Mandates, and Seeing the World Through a Broader Lens. A recent episode highlighted a Maryland DJ who has been supporting frontline workers in Ghana and the United States.

Past guests of the show include:
* Oheneyere Gifty Anti – Media Personality, Feminist and Host of The Standpoint Ghana
* Hope Blackley Logan – District Director, Office of U.S. Representative William Timmons (SC-04)
* Dr. Newman – Pediatrician with Atrium Healthcare,
* Dr. Araceli Hernandez Laroche – South Carolina Career Woman of the Year
* Robyn Hussa Farrell – Founder, Sharpen
* Sabrina C. Richardson – Intrinsic Therapy
* Lucy Quist – An European Executive and the First Ghanaian Woman to Head a Multinational Telecommunications Company
* Apostle Ryan McJimpsey – Author and Entrepreneur
* Michel Stone – Author of The Iguana Tree and Border Child
* LaMonica Okrah – A Harvard Business School graduate from the south side of Chicago

Upcoming guests include:
* Councilman Pious Ali – The first Muslim Councilman of Portland Maine
* Ryan Langley – A South Carolina Attorney
* Isha Sesay – Former CNN Anchor and Correspondent
* Adom Appiah – Recipient of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ International Youth
* Philanthropist and Gloria Barron National Hero of the Year Awards.

Recently named the 2020 South Carolina Woman of Accomplishment by Business Professional Women of South Carolina, Marjy’s goal in launching the program is to bring awareness to everyday issues impacting humans.

You may tune in to Humanity Chats by following @ThisMarjyMarj on social media or by subscribing to Marjy TV.

Marjy Marj is a visionary, management consultant, author, and speaker. Her novel, The Shimmigrant, a compelling story of a young girl’s will to survive against all odds debuted as a number 1 new release in 2019. Same Elephants – an enlightening, introspective, heartwarming novel about four friends from diverse backgrounds debuted as a top 10 release in March 2020. In Same Elephants, Marjy sheds light on race relations and the importance of representation. When 2 of the 4 main characters are mistaken for trespassers, the 4 friends embark on a quest to educate their community about the dangers of stereotyping.

To learn more about this authentic voice, visit MarjyMarj.com

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