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Monday, March 30, 2020

New Program Helps Black-Owned Businesses Sustain Growth Through a Troubling Economy

HT Major, founder of Excellent Presence

HT Major, founder of Excellent Presence

Raleigh, NC — Esteemed African American business results strategist H.T. Major, founder of Excellent Presence since 2012, has launched the Marketing Twists Growth Acceleration System: Premium. MTG Premium is a 5-module program teaching Black-owned business owners how to use creative, strategic systems to reduce workload, boost earnings, stand out against competitors, and become self-sufficient self-promoters to future-proof their existing businesses.

Most businesses are extremely vulnerable to profit loss during economic and environmental changes, due to common pitfalls like not identifying unique advantages, inadequate goal planning and clarity, uncertainty on best, fastest ways to secure results, and failure to use tools that accelerate growth without adding to daily workload. “Other business and marketing programs touch very generally on how to promote and grow a business, not even addressing sustainability,” H.T. says. “And almost always, they default to the same generic ideas: using Google and ‘social media’ for growth. But your business is very individual, and follow-the-leader marketing won’t bring quality, consistent results.”

For more details, visit www.marketingtwists.com


About MTG Premium
Marketing Twists G.A.S. helps fuel revenue-producing small businesses with proven, time-tested marketing strategies that both multi-million dollar companies and “mom and pop shops” use, and have used, to sustain and accelerate growth, despite the economy.

“Based on where we are today with the Coronavirus pandemic,” H.T. says. “It was an extremely difficult decision to make, whether to push out this long-planned launch or to postpone. I decided to push forward when I realized that our businesses, in particular, need this level of help now, more than ever.” What level? “Through MTG Premium, I’m working 1-on-1 with up to fifty (50) Black-owned businesses to get them on the fast track to sustainable growth, improved results, and long-term self-sufficiency. And I’m offering a substantial discount for a limited time to help ‘us’ ride through this pandemic and emerge even stronger, with the confidence and improved agility to grow, despite the current climate.”


About the Creator
Statistics show that it takes most small businesses at least 2 to 3 years to ever see a profit. But at age 19, H.T. Major defied the odds, starting her first marketing company and converting it from “side hustle” to profitable living in just 11 months, with zero prior experience. Today, Ms. Major’s client list ranges from large organizations — like Cotton Incorporated, University of North Carolina, the Boys and Girls Club, and The Space Foundation — to the beloved small business, local nonprofit, and solopreneur. Her foremost work involves managing Excellent Presence, a Strategic Results Improvement & Business Growth studio that helps diverse service providers, small businesses, and microbusinesses work less, earn more, and make a socioeconomic or social justice impact through their work.


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