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Thursday, January 18, 2018

22-Year Old Man Last Seen Leaving to Meet Woman He Met Online Found Dead

Marty McMillan, man killed after meeting woman online

Marty McMillan, Jr. from the Washington, DC area

Washington, DC — A 22-year-old man who went missing after leaving for a date with a woman he met on PlentyofFish.com was finally found, but dead.

The skeletal remains that were found in the wooded area in Suitland Parkway in October 2017 have recently been identified to be those of Marty McMillan Jr. He disappeared in April and his family has never seen him since he left for a date with a woman he met on the online dating site.

Forlesia Cook, McMillan’s grandmother, was very upset with what happened to her grandson who was just trying to go on a date before he disappeared. “He was a human being. He didn’t deserve to be laying out there all that time like that, just thrown away like a piece of trash,” she said.

Ever since McMillan was gone, his family organized a campaign to search for him and would personally find him every weekend. After about a month, Cook found his car three miles away from the place where he was last seen.

According to the police, he was shot multiple times before his body was dumped.

Cook still believes that the police should have done more to find him.

“They wouldn’t elevate his case to homicide. It was ‘critical missing,’ and it stayed that way until now, even though he was dead from the first day,” Cook said as she cried.

It was discovered in the investigation that the last person whom McMillan called on the phone was the woman he was supposed to meet with. But the woman told the police that she didn’t have her phone at that time and she never met him.

The police also discovered that after McMillan went missing, his bank cards had been used.

There were no arrests made yet under the McMillan case. Anyone with any information about his disappearance or death is asked to contact the police. A reward of over $25,000 is being offered.