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Friday, June 26, 2020

Award-Winning Black Educator’s New Book Helps Parents and Teachers Talk About Race With Children

“Wisdom Warriors” by Mary Cole Watson includes the author’s acclaimed work for “The 28 Lessons Living the Mission for African American Youth” published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper. The book is a powerful tool that sets the stage for careful conversations with and about African Americans in 21st Century America.

Wisdom Warrior By Mary Cole Watson

Kansas City, MO — Award-winning educator, Mary Cole Watson has released her debut book, entitled Wisdom Warriors. An over thirty-year veteran in education, Mary Cole Watson shares her experience from the lives of children from her classrooms. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of The College of Brockport her acclaimed work for (“The 28 Lessons Living the Mission for African American Youth”) which is included in the book, was featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper.

Wisdom Warriors is a culmination of more than twenty short stories designed to address culturally difficult discussions with young African Americans in the 21st century. The book cleverly invites parents (or other adults) and young people into some of today’s most challenging conversations.

Wisdom Warriors highlights multiple stories through the eyes and voice of ten-year-old Skye, a spunky, impulsive dreamer, whose curious mind stimulates healthy conversation around very touching subjects pertaining to issues of culture, racism, self-confidence, and education among African Americans. Using African American history, as well as cultural traditions and facts, Watson uses Grandpa Marv and Grandma Mary to help Skye – and many children like her – embrace her unique beauty, the value of the lives she encounters, and the call to rise above hate and bigotry.

Through the insight of these two Warriors of Wisdom, this essayist tackles each conversation with Skye as a training exercise to develop the young minds of healthy, self-loving African Americans charged with the responsibility of preserving the importance of the cultural treasures birthed in a nation seeking life, liberty, and justice for all mankind. Mary uses practical advice, entertaining anecdotes, and witty observations in this well-organized, easy-to-understand book to show educators, parents, and all people how to navigate the complexities of the modern world in conversations with young minds.


About the Author
Born in Ansonia, Connecticut, Mary Cole Watson was the second of eleven children. Her world was often marred in chaos and confusion. Her mother suffered from an undiagnosed bout of mental illness, while her father suffered from alcoholism. Before Mary was whisked off to spend some of her most formative years in foster care, she had already made up in her mind that she wanted to be a teacher.

A graduate of The College of Brockport as Magna Cum Laude, and later the recipient of a Full Graduate Assistantship to the University of Toledo, where she received her Master’s in Early Childhood Education and Reading. Wisdom Warriors is her debut book.

Please contact Gerard Cole (wisdomwarriors2020@gmail.com or 617-838-1887) to request an advance copy of Wisdom Warriors (Mary Cole Watson, 2020) or to schedule an interview with Mary Cole Watson.

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