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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Master P’s Family Vim Comics “Eyes of ESCA” Best New Characters at Comic-Con 2018

Master P and his family presents Vim Comics

Master P and his family recently presented their newest venture, Vim Comics, at Comic-Con 2018 in Los Angeles

Nationwide — The Miller family reveals Vim Comics new superhero characters, comic books and movie Eyes of Esca, one of the fan-favorite moments of L.A. Comic-Con 2018. Master P’s son Romeo and daughter Cymphonique were the guest speakers for the main stage discussion panel at the event.

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The Millers discussed diversity, ownership, branding and building an independent minority-owned company in the multi-billion dollar comic industry as well as introducing their creations of the characters and cast members from the Eyes of Esca movie and comic series based on the shape-shifting octopus superheroes that take place in the swamps of New Orleans.

Watch footage from the event below:

For more information, visit www.VimComics.net

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