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Monday, January 21, 2019

Pastor’s Son Arrested For Allegedly Raping His 14-Year Old Daughter — Inside Their Church!

Matthew Gibson

Matthew Gibson has been arrested for raping his own daughter inside a church

Brooklyn, NY — Matthew Gibson, a son of the pastor of Brooklyn Baptist church, has been arrested after being accused of repeatedly raping his own young daughter on the church’s premises. The father’s sexual abuse to the now 14-year old girl has only been recently made known to her family even though it has been happening for over six years already!

Gibson, the 44-year old son of the Progressive Baptist Church’s bishop and pastor, was arrested on Thursday for charges of criminal sex abuse, incest, and forcible touching of a female victim between the ages of nine and 14.

According to Myia Maples, the young girl’s sister-in-law, she had only known about the alleged abuse recently when the girl came home from school seemingly distressed. When she asked her what was wrong, the young girl suddenly blurted out that Gibson, her father, sexually assaulted her. Gibson was arrested after that.

Maples’ husband, who is the young girl’s older brother, has full custody of the victim and her twin brother since their mother died in 2012. Gibson only has bi-weekly weekend visitation rights.

The young girl’s twin brother said that he was at the church when the assaults happened but he didn’t know then that it was happening. He told NBC, “He would make me play on the drums, and when it was happening, I wouldn’t be nowhere around. I feel like, in the moment, I let my sister down.”

The girl’s family said that they have believed that Gibson was abusive even before. Since then, they tried appearing to the court to end Gibson’s visitation rights because his children said he was verbally and physically abusive to them. They also claimed that Gibson’s father, Bishop Ben T. Gibson, failed to supervise his visits.

In a recent viral video, Maples publicly exposed the sexual abuse of young girls that was going on for years that involves several assailants at the Progressive Baptist Church. Since they decided to speak out against the pastor and his son, the family said they have been receiving death threats.

Despite that, the young girl’s family, including several other protesters, gathered outside the church on Sunday to show support to the young girl and to demand the church’s permanent closure.

“We want to speak to the district attorney’s office because you failed us as well. We just found out he got a $10,000 bail, which is unheard of for a case like this. We’re really disappointed with the district attorney for setting his bail so low. It’s a shame,” Maples told PIX11.

Meanwhile, Gibson is being held at the Brooklyn House of Detention awaiting trial. The church in Brownsville, Brooklyn has since been closed down temporarily while there is an ongoing crime scene investigation.