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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

African American Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Receives Favorable Kirkus Book Review

— Armed with an intuitive nature and a powerful imagination, an emerging author decides to take the plunge and use the hard-hitting Kirkus Review process. She hopes that readers will get to know her through the Sadie Mae Stevens Teen Superhero Series and her other compelling paranormal stories. —

Max W. Miller, author of Sadie Mae Torene and the Tornado

Bookcover and author, Max W. Miller

Raleigh, NC — Indie author, Max W. Miller receives a review worth sharing from the premier indie book reviewers, Kirkus Media. Sadie Mae And Torene The Tornado is the second in the Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Teen Superhero Series and is scheduled for release November 2016. Book 1 of the series, The Gordite Witch, is now available on Amazon (www.scififantasyfiction.com/great-reads/)

Kirkus Media has a longstanding history of serving authors, agents, publishers and filmmakers by putting these groups in touch with each other.

Here are excerpts from the Sadie Mae and Torene the Tornado review:

“But the authors’ imagination remains rich, with the denizens of Sadie Mae’s mystical forest far from the fantasy clichés of elves and dragons…” — Kirkus Reviews

“A fun, inventive superhero tale with a brave teenage girl at its heart.” — Kirkus Reviews

The entire review is available at www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/max-w-miller/sadie-mae-and-torene-the-tornado/

The idea for Sadie’s mystical forest started with a vision Max had about a forest with a very distinctive tree; it had a single eye in the center of the trunk. As with all teens, Max knew that Sadie needed a mentor to guide her into developing her legacy. In place of the tree, Max liked the idea of a mountain for Sadie’s mentor; thus, Lendra, the mountain with an eye came to life.

Miller comments, “My stories stem from glimmers of truth sprinkled with what I call limitless book ideas. I live in the worlds that I write. Since childhood, I’ve experienced intuitive messages through dreams and visions. I am just starting on my journey of creativity, armed with an arsenal of book series coming from other kingdoms. My stories have messages that hopefully will entertain, encourage, and enlighten the reader.”

Another quote from Kirkus said:

“Sadie Mae is a relatable protagonist who messes up mightily and must deal with the consequences of her actions. Ultimately, she’ll have to make an ethical decision that will challenge everything she’s learned.”

All are invited to get caught up in the Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens adventure series by reading The Gordite Witch today! For more details, visit www.scififantasyfiction.com/great-reads/


About the Author
Max W. Miller has moved her imaginative gifts in the direction of creating compelling book series. Sci-fi fantasy and the paranormal are her pruning grounds. Max also enjoys writing about issues affecting women and of course, the offender will reap a good dose of paranormal justice. Her stories about imaginary places, vivid characters and their nemeses reflect her uncanny ability to draw the reader into other worlds. Perhaps you will connect with her stories because you identify with her messages. Only you will know once you start reading her works.

Become one of her elite readers by subscribing to her hub at maxwmiller.com or scififantasyfiction.com. Follow her on Twitter @maxwmiller. Read more about Max W. Miller books at www.MaxWMiller.com


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