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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Black-Owned Hair Extension Company Rebrands & Launches Free Wig Customization Service for 2020

Mayvenn Free Wig Customization

Nationwide — Continuing the brand’s mission to provide high quality beauty products with an unparalleled shopping experience, Diishan Imira, founder and CEO of Mayvenn, is starting out 2020 with a fresh new look and expanded service options that include matching customers with a local stylist who will customize their wig for free – all for the cost of the hair itself.

Mayvenn is the largest Black-owned hair extension brand in the country, and the company’s goal has always been to serve their community and customers in a way that no one else has. With the creation of the Mayvenn Services program (free install and now wig customization), it was time for a metamorphosis on the outside that reflected all the big changes happening internally. A new look and feel were needed to better reflect their community of fearless women, creating a space that celebrates individuality, talent, and how fun hair can be.

“We’ve shifted our perspective from the hair to the chair,” explains Imira. “We want to give our customers a complete experience that not only gets them quality hair but pampers them through the process. My goal for Mayvenn has always been to provide a service and product that celebrates the individuality, power, and beauty of my community. We’ve never been just a hair company.”

To best reflect this, Mayvenn developed a new logo to symbolize the strength of powerful women. Mayvenn, believing every customer wears a crown, changed their “M” to resemble a throne, celebrating every client as the true queens they are.

“We draw power from our hair, and it’s in the salon chair where that transformation takes place. At Mayvenn, you are the queen, and we are here to make your hair dreams come true. Just sit in your throne and let us do the rest,” says Imira.

The new Mayvenn also includes a completely updated look and feel of the web site. The designs, including new model and product imagery, are playful and use brighter color combinations to represent the bright joyous spirit of the Mayvenn woman.

To help bring everything to life, Mayvenn partnered with branding agency Red Antler. “Red Antler and Mayvenn collaborated closely on this rebrand, all with the goal of raising the bar for what women can expect from purchasing and installing hair,” shares Marco Garcia, Project Manager for Red Antler. “To date, the experience has been full of hurdles – from unfair pricing to intentionally confusing terminology – taking advantage of the fact that women are willing to go to great lengths for incredible hair. But with Mayvenn, we wanted to create an experience that didn’t ask women to compromise along the way, and instead would provide white-glove guidance and respect from the moment they purchase the hair, all the way through the salon experience, and of course, the big reveal.”

The rebrand will be supported by a series of national TV commercials coming out in the next few weeks. Their television tagline will center around the phrase – “All Hail Your Hair”, laying the foundation for building the services empire Mayvenn plans to achieve.

In celebration of the rebrand, the company is adding to the Mayvenn Services program, launching a new and free service. With Mayvenn Wig Customization, this program allows customers to buy Virgin Lace Front and Virgin 360 Lace Wigs directly from the company online via shop.mayvenn.com. Then, Mayvenn matches customers with a local stylist within their network who will customize the wig for free – all for the cost of the hair itself. The new Mayvenn Wig Customization service includes tinting lace, bleaching knots, cutting lace and plucking the hairline.

Normally, the above services range between $75-$200. Now, it is now FREE for anyone who buys Mayvenn wigs (Virgin Lace Front and Virgin 360 Lace only). The service is available nationwide and the brand has a team of certified stylists with expertise in customizing wigs to choose from. To make the service even easier to try, the site automatically offers Mayvenn Wig Customization as a free add-on at checkout. Mayvenn then emails a pre-paid voucher to use during the appointment. When a stylist scans it, they get paid instantly. Mayvenn also partnered with QuadPay to give the option to pay for orders over time in 4 interest-free payments.

“It is finally time for the experience of buying hair and getting it installed to become a seamless, enjoyable, and a pampering experience that gives you the freedom to pursue your creativity without limits. You deserve great service, an incredibly knowledgeable stylist, and great products,” adds Imira.

“This has been a transformative year for Mayvenn, we’re so excited for the big things ahead. We’ll see you in 2020.”

To book your next free Mayvenn wig customization or install service, please visit https://shop.mayvenn.com


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