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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Black Entrepreneur’s Recent Visit to Africa Inspires New Holistic Hair Growth Product

Meekah Royale, founder of Ancient Secrets Beauty

Nationwide — When Meekah Royale discovered her Black heritage to be of West Africa with her ancestry connecting her to Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Mali Empire, this motivated her to ignite an African bond into Ancient Secrets Beauty, her holistic haircare brand that prides in Black excellence and the rich African heritage.

Meekah created Ancient Secrets to help empower women and men with their healing hair journey. Her signature product provides a guide of self-care for natural hair oil. Her company, Ancient Secrets, strives to provide the best self-care products to help you reach your hair growth journey. As well achieve ultimate hair growth through our all-natural oils and guidance of our ancestors.”

Meekah comments, “We are soaring to the top with royal blessings, (Ase). We are tired of the negative stereotypes of African Americans. We are African with a rich royal culture and tradition, we are Kings and Queens with blood of royalty flowing through our veins. Ancient Secrets has begun a quest to connect natural healing and recipes from our ancestors as we help change the world. Welcome to the new era, as Ancient Secrets continue to unfold.”

For more details about Ancient Secrets Beauty and/or to make a purchase, visit AncientSecretsBeauty.com or BlackHairGrowth.biz

For press inquiries, contact info@blackhairgrowth.biz or 972-810-1566.