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Monday, April 3, 2017

Speaker Meiyoko Taylor to Release New Book, “Find Your Amazing! 5 Steps To Transforming Your Life”

— Author, speaker and personal development leader offers action-based approach to maximizing your potential —

Meiyoko Taylor, author of Find Your Amazing

Meiyoko Taylor, author of Find Your Amazing!

Cherry Hill, NJ — Author, speaker, and personal development leader Meiyoko Taylor will release his new book Find Your Amazing! 5 Steps To Transforming Your Life on April 7 through his website MeiyokoTaylor.com. In Find Your Amazing!, Taylor provides practical advice and shares his knowledge on how we can take charge our lives by finding and maximizing our true potential.

A New Jersey-native, Meiyoko Taylor’s career as a personal development coach over the past 15 years has allowed him the opportunity to share his expertise worldwide. As a personal development coach, he has worked with corporate professionals, CEOs, industry leaders, students, and entrepreneurs guiding them toward self-improvement. When recently asked about his goal for Finding Your Amazing! Taylor expressed his passion for helping others succeed and the principle he recognizes as the catalyst for breakthrough results in every aspect of your life:

“When your Passion and Purpose is in alignment with your talents, something amazing has to happen,” said Taylor.

Presented in five chapters, Find Your Amazing! is an insightful resource that highlights the importance of having a vision and finding purpose. The book details how self-discovery can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle through its take action approach. Each chapter encourages the reader to complete exercises that will guide them to discovering passion, purpose, and success.

An internationally recognized entrepreneur, speaker, & certified master life coach, Taylor has been featured on numerous television, radio shows, and podcasts. Some of these include The Ambitious Entrepreneur, SOB: Style of Business, the award-winning Mind Aware with business leader Dana Wilde and the award-winning Dare To Dream radio show with best selling author & host Debbi Dachinger.

Taylor works extensively with people from all across the world, showing them how to take control of their life, find their passion, and unlock the greatness that is within. For more information on Meiyoko Taylor, please visit www.MeiyokoTaylor.com


About Meiyoko Taylor
Meiyoko Taylor is an author, entrepreneur, and personal development coach. Based in New Jersey, Meiyoko works extensively with people from all across the world, inspiring them to find their “amazing” and tap into their hidden potential. He aims to educate & empower others through speaking, coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming. In particular, his mission is to help “100 million” people take charge of their lives, find their passion, and unlock the greatness that is within. Meiyoko Taylor is also an author of several personal development and self-improvement books including Habitude: Busting Bad Habits and Creating Good Ones and his latest work, Find Your Amazing! 5 Steps To Transforming Your Life.


Meiyoko Taylor

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