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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Despite Having Multiple Chronic and Mental Illnesses, This Black Entrepreneur Was Just Voted to Develop the Curriculum For 400,000 National Members of the Freelancers Union

— 12-year freelance entrepreneur, Melony Hill, voted one of four on newly formed National Executive Committee of the Freelancers Union —

Melony Hill

Melony Hill, the National Curriculum Lead for the Freelancers Union

Baltimore, MD — Just six months ago, Baltimore-based author, advocate and 12-year freelance entrepreneur, Melony Hill took over the role as leader of the Freelancers Union local meetup group, Baltimore SPARK. After watching leadership roles change constantly and missing the community feel she hoped to find from such an organization, Melony set her sights on making more of a difference in her local group in December of last year. As luck would have it, in February 2018, the opportunity arose, and Melony stepped in, immediately increasing membership and local awareness of this national organization with nearly 400,000 members nationwide.

Melony’s hard work expanding, connecting and diversifying the Baltimore branch did not go unnoticed. Though one of the newest group leaders of the Freelancers Union’s monthly meetup groups, found in 25 cities across the U.S., Melony was just elected as a member of a newly formed committee, National Executive Committee. Melony is now the National Curriculum Lead and will be influencing and participating in the development of curriculum for the organization’s 375,000 members.

Defying Odds

In 2010, Melony was found to be legally ‘emotionally disabled’ after being diagnosed with a slew of emotional and chronic illnesses including PTSD, depression, socialized anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities). A survivor of severe childhood abuse and trauma, Melony spent more than seven years in intense therapy up to three times a week as she attempted to regain control of her life. After losing her therapist and best friend, her only source of support, last year, Melony launched Stronger Than My Struggles, an organization focused on healing others as she heals herself, through the written and spoken word.

Since launching Stronger Than My Struggles, Melony has self-published eight books, including three anthologies and a collection of poetry, Writing for My Sanity. Writing for her sanity is exactly what Melony does, writing helps her fight and deal with her many illnesses. She helps others write for their sanity as well; in addition to leading the Freelancers Union meetings, Melony hosts a series of workshops in the Baltimore community focused around writing.

Living a Life of Abundance

Being appointed to the Freelancers Union National Executive Committee is another feather in the cap for Melony who has had an amazing year so far. From being featured by iconic TIME Magazine in February of this year, and on Baltimore based television show, Bmore Lifestyle in March, to being booked to speak at colleges and universities such as University of MD School of Social Work, Melony is spreading her message wide. She knows that because of her illnesses, life could change in the blink of an eye, it has for her, literally, many times. Melony uses her story of seeking success despite her circumstance to inspire and encourage others to live their best life. She’s looking forward to bringing that same philosophy to the expansive Freelancers Union network in her new position.

For more details about Melony Hill and her organization, visit www.StrongerThanMyStruggles.com


Melony Hill