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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mental Health Expert, Dr. Sheila D. Williams, Uses Her Memoir, ‘My Mother’s Keeper’, to Inspire and Motivate Others to Live Unapologetically and Create the Future They Desire

Dr. Sheila D. Williams, author of My Mother's Keeper

Dr. Sheila D. Williams, author, empowerment speaker, mental health expert, and radio/TV Host

Nationwide — Are you holding on to a family secret? Have you become stagnant due to a past that haunts you? Are you ashamed, embarrassed or afraid to expose something you have experienced? Do you feel that you just don’t fit in? In her memoir, My Mother’s Keeper, Dr. Sheila D. Williams does the unthinkable; she tells a family secret she has held on to for over 40 years. The twists, turns of this book, will keep you turning the pages, wanting to know more and more. It will empower, motivate and inspire you to ‘transform your thoughts’ in order to transform your life. Each one of us has a story that is all our own. Some are paralyzed by pasts that are filled with abuse, abandonment, hurt, shame, sorrow and even mental illness.

The author’s memoir, My Mother’s Keeper, is a very transparent look into her life and what appeared to be an ‘ordinary’ family. In reality, it is the story of a little girl who was faced with the lifelong challenge of caring for her mother who suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness. It is captivating, suspenseful but yet exudes hope, as it depicts the highs and lows, the challenges and the triumphs from childhood through adulthood. All who read this memoir will be encouraged to not only survive their current or pasts challenges, but will be inspired to live intentionally in order to reach their goals.

After being completely transparent about every other aspect of her life, Dr. Williams states, “It was time to be real with not only myself, but with the world.” By being very candid about her mother’s mental illness, this memoir puts a real face and a name to a topic and a disease that remains taboo. The stigma that is associate with mental illness, discourages people from having a candid and honest conversation about it, thus perpetuating the cycle of mental illness. By doing so, people who are suffering are often suffering in silence.

Dr. Williams uses her own life as an example that ‘nothing is impossible’. Having not only survived the dysfunction of her childhood, but by facing the reality that she could have been ostracized due to her mother’s mental illness, was a chance she was willing to take. She has chosen to not only tell her story as healing and liberation for herself, but as a platform for others to gain strength and healing in knowing that in spite of anything you have experienced, you can still accomplish your goals and live an abundant life.

The memoir, My Mother’s Keeper, is available for purchase through Barnes & Noble, Walmart.com, Books-A-Million, Xulon Press and also Amazon.com, Kindle and paperback. The book has received consistent 5 star ratings and reviews can been seen by visiting Amazon.com.


About Dr. Sheila D. Williams:
Dr. Sheila D. Williams has over 25 successful years of experience in the Mental Health and Education fields. She holds an MA in Mental Health Counseling and a Ph.D. in Education and Leadership. After publishing her 1st book, My Mother’s Keeper, she has consistently been sought out to tell her story. Dr. Williams is a John Maxwell Certified Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, a Radio and TV Host, an Educational Consultant and a National Trainer. As CEO of SW Consulting Services, she offers motivational speeches and seminars on a variety of topics and lives her life as an inspiration to others. She empowers everyone she meets to reach their fullest potential, in spite of challenges they may face. Dr. Williams believes that we should focus of 360 health and well-being and that our ‘thoughts become our reality’. Visit www.drsheiladwilliams.com to learn more, or contact drsheiladwilliams@gmail.com to book her to speak.


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