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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Michael Baisden Returns to a Movement He Helped Launch

Michael Baisden

Nationwide — Nationally syndicated radio host and community activist Michael Baisden will be the keynote speaker at the 5th annual Beauty Supply Store Start-Up Summer Conference on August 16th and 17th, 2014, a conference organized by Professor Devin Robinson (www.DevinRobinson.com).

Baisden first met Robinson via telephone in 2006, when Robinson appeared on his show for appearing in the documentary “The Korean Takeover”, a documentary that highlighted the challenges African-Americans faced in the beauty supply business. At that time Robinson owned 3 stores and recently authored Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Store Owner.

Michael Baisden utilized Professor Robinson as his show’s subject matter expert on the topic over the next several years.

In 2007, Robinson founded Taking it Back University, now known as Beauty Supply Institute, an organization that helps other aspiring owners get into the beauty supply ownership despite the hurdles that are placed there to make it difficult for them. He also began holding store start-up conferences in 2010 across the country. Robinson said, “We remove just about every hurdle that is placed in front of entrepreneurs except the ones entrepreneurs place there for themselves.”

Robinson held summer and winter conferences in St. Louis, Cleveland, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, most of which were sold-out. Beauty Supply Institute has opened almost 70 stores and generated over $13,000,000 in revenues for urban communities since its inception.

When Robinson is asked what has led to the success of his organization, he comments, “I was an aspiring owner who had no help, yet became very successful running my own stores. I am a seasoned professor who understands the art of educating. I am a best-selling author and experienced entrepreneur who once worked in Corporate America. There is no real secret. It’s just that the path I’ve walked is the exact same path others are trying to walk. I’ve seen no money and I’ve seen tons of it. So I clearly understand the needs and dreams of average people and know how to deliver those dreams to them.” Robinson claims to have ran two Korean stores out of business during his tenure.

Michael Baisden used his radio platform to rally those interested in becoming store owners by covering the topic periodically. As an advocate for black business ownership, he continued to invite other entrepreneurs to promote their businesses every week to an audience of 6,000,000 listeners.

Robinson said of Michael Baisden, “It’s one thing to talk about black business ownership but it’s another thing to be bold about doing it! Michael has been THE best advocate for this movement! He was our go-to guy and number one resource at that time. I watched him rally for Jena 6 and other issues that faced the black community. I felt he was bold and genuine and that’s the kind of people I choose to work with every day. The black community needs him others like him and any media/organization that taps him will get results!”

Baisden will speak on the first day of the conference on August 16th, 2014 and then hold a book signing. Those interested in attending the 2-day conference or only having lunch with Michael Baisden can register at www.BeautySupplyConference.com or by calling 404-551-4398.

Past speakers include marketing guru Andrew Morrison and activist and attorney Maggie Anderson.

For media inquiries or conference information, contact Roschel Davis at rdavis@beautysupplyinstitute or call 404-551-4398.