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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Texas Police Officer Charged With Murder After Killing Unarmed Man

Michael Dunn, police officer in Texas who was indicted of murder

Michael Dunn, police officer in Texas who was indicted of murder

Dallas, TX — Michael Dunn, a 43-year old police officer from Farmers Branch, Texas, has been indicted on a murder charge after he reportedly shot and killed 35-year old Juan Moreno, an unarmed man who was driving a stolen truck. The indictment came just two weeks after the shooting incident, which was considered unusually quick.

On June 12, Dunn followed a vehicle that was reported stolen from the city of Irving. A surveillance video showed Dunn firing shots into the driver’s side of the vehicle as the driver appears to be pulling out of the parking lot of a shopping center. There was no weapon found on Moreno or in the truck, according to police.

Dunn, who is on administrative leave, surrendered to police last week after a grand jury indicted him in the killing of Moreno. He was released an hour later after posting $150,000 bond. He was a military veteran and has worked for the Farmers Branch Police Department for almost 13 years.

Carlos Quintanilla, a spokesman for the Moreno family, was delighted with the speedy indictment. He said in a statement, “This sends a message that officers do not have the right to kill someone, that officers have to comply with the rule of law.”

Moreover, Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot said the indictment indicates that “the system can work quickly, fairly, and efficiently.”

Police Chief David Hale said the shooting was a tragedy and he hopes the recent indictment could bring closure. He said in a press conference, “Our hearts go out to the Moreno family for their loss. Let us also be reminded that Farmers Branch police Officer Mike Dunn’s life has been forever changed.”

The Farmers Branch police department said an internal investigation regarding Dunn’s actions is currently ongoing as well as the criminal investigation conducted by Dallas police.