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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Entrepreneur Launches New Crowdfunding Site to Help Black Business Owners Raise Funds

Michael Koger-Smith is the founder of Blaqseed, an innovative crowdfunding platform that helps Black and minority communities raise funds for their causes.

Michael Koger Smith, founder of Blaqseed

NationwideBlaqseed is set to disrupt the global crowdfunding space as the platform launches to specifically support the plight of African American causes and related projects. The user-friendly platform founded by Michael Koger-Smith and fellow forward-thinking entrepreneurs serves as a double-edged sword as it helps everyone to contribute to projects via crowdfunding while also donating a percentage of profits earned to organizations that help in building the community.

“I remember, searching the popular crowdfunding sites, in search of African American causes and or businesses that I could help fund. It was a nauseating task weeding through projects that I held no interest in. So, I thought, why not have one designed for us. One that you know what and where it is right away. This is the moment Blaqseed was born. Now, I’m inviting organizations and everyday people to be a part of the platform. This will help kick us off and ensure that we partner with organizations and causes that people can get behind,” said Koger-Smith.

The global crowdfunding space has evolved over the years, with technological advancement leading to the emergence of a plethora of platforms designed to make it relatively easy for innovators to raise funds for the development of their ideas. Unfortunately, many of the available platforms are generic, with no particular site focused on supporting causes created for minority communities. However, the team at Blaqseed as led by Koger-Smith is looking to change this narrative with their user-friendly fundraising website.

Blaqseed.com offers a twofold approach to supporting game-changing projects, with features designed to cater to the fundraising needs of startups, existing businesses, non-profits, educators, and individual projects. In line with the principle of promoting togetherness, Blaqseed.com will be donating proceeds to organizations with a similar vision, with the likes of MBK Alliance, 100 Black Men of America, Inc., Black Girls Codes, and Black Upstart to name a few.

The crowdfunding platform supports all categories of projects, including art, business, design, education, fashion, film and video, food, gaming, health, social, journalism, music, photography, and publishing. Blaqseed has a safe and secure payment system while allowing users to share their campaigns via several social media platforms, websites, blogs, and email.

For more information about Blaqseed and how to be a part of the crowdfunding revolution, visit Blaqseed.com

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For more inquiries, contact Michael Koger-Smith at mksmith@blaqseed.com