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Monday, February 27, 2023

New Movement, Brothahood of Kings, Empowers Black Men to Assume their Royal Role

The new movement was founded by Coach Michael Taylor and friends to provide support and motivation to all men of color to achieve greatness and take their rightful place in society.

Coach Michael Taylor

Nationwide — Texas-based Life Coach, Michael Taylor and a group of friends have issued a call for men of color to join a new, life-changing movement dubbed The Brothahood of Kings.

The Brothahood of Kings is a collaborative effort between Coach Michael Taylor, Paul Newell, Bro Reimoku and Jermaine Johnson. The movement consists of a dedicated group of likeminded black men who work with members to boost their confidence, and offer guidance on using their energy and talents to reshape their world for success. The Brothahood of Kings has emerged at a time when it seems as if black masculinity is under attack. The ever increasing hypermasculine and hypersexual portrayal of black men have placed undue pressure on men of color. Sadly, the social expectations of strength and stoicism often prevented black men from seeking professional help to address mental and emotional issues.

The Brothahood of Kings provides a channel for all men of color to deal with their mental and emotional health in a safe, supportive environment. The community offers inspiring podcasts, workshops, webinars, online courses and books dedicated to personal development and success.

Coach Michael Taylor and his friends are concerned about the continuous misrepresentation of black men and are dedicated to build a new foundation for the current and future generation of black men. “We launched The Brothahood of Kings because I believe black men are sick and tired of the constant barrage of negative stories about them, said Coach Michael Taylor in explaining the motivation for creating the movement.” He added: “They are hungry for positive resources to support them in creating rewarding and fulfilling lives and the Brothahood of Kings was created to meet that need and change the narrative.”

In addition to the Brothahood of Kings community, Coach Michael Taylor has launched a new book in collaboration with his friends from the movement titled, The Brothahood of Kings: Empowering Black Men to Embody Authentic Masculinity. The book was written to empower black men to change their inner narratives about themselves so they can embrace the possibilities of creating the life of their dreams.

For further information about the Brothahood of Kings, visit BrothahoodOfKings.com

For press inquiries, contact Michael Taylor at mtaylor@coachmicheltaylor.com or 713-303-2067.