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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Black Mental Health Therapist and Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Release New Book to Give Young Girls a Voice

Michelle and Laiya Davey, authors of My Voice Has Superpowers book

Nationwide — Michelle Davey and her 8-year-old daughter, Laiya, from Baltimore County, Maryland are the authors of My Voice Is My Superpower, an inspiring book that reminds young girls of the many ways in which they can use their VOICES as their superpower to encourage, protect, and speak out.

In a world that keeps telling girls to be quiet, this book gives them permission to lift, praise and protect their VOICES. Being the loudest girl in the room is not just about being the first to speak. It’s about finding unique ways to use your VOICE to stand out from the crowd – and then realizing your VOICE is always enough.

My Voice Is My Superpower is an empowering story for young girls to encourage them to believe in themselves. This book encourages self-esteem and empowers girls to be bold in speaking up and speaking out. In this book, readers will follow the girls throughout their day as they use their superpower VOICES to praise, sing, laugh with their friends, stand up to bullies, love themselves and even have a conversation about protecting their PRECIOUS PARTS.

It features beautiful illustrations, positive affirmations, scripture verses, and modeling of behavior. The characters in this book represent diverse girls of different nationalities. We wanted to remind our girls that they are beautiful just the way they are, whether with braces, glasses, a HOT PINK hearing aid or even poppin’ in a wheelchair. Girls will learn that they are valuable and worthy, their thoughts and opinions matter, they can do anything they put their minds to, their bodies are precious, and they have (super) powers when they use their VOICE.

My Voice Is My Superpower is on a mission to inspire young girls everywhere to discover their VOICES, know their worth, and realize their full potential. It has received the Readers’ Favorite 5-star Review and is available online at Amazon, Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble and in stores at Urban Reads and Growing Minds Bookstores. Learn more at MyVoiceisMySuperPower.com

About the authors:
Michelle Davey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who is passionate about empowering women. After experiencing her own traumatic events, she pursued a career as a mental health therapist. During her journey, she has had the honor of meeting many amazing women who have allowed her to walk with them on their healing journeys. Whether healing from trauma, abuse, low self-esteem, depression or an unhealthy relationship, there was a common thread woven through their stories – their own VOICES could not be heard . . . instead she heard, sadness, fear, disappointment, and sometimes fear and she thought to herself, what if she could empower our little girls to discover – or rediscover – and use their VOICES before they became the broken women sitting in her chair. This very thought, along with inspiration from her daughter, Laiya, is what encouraged her to write this book. Michelle is also the founder of Our Wings of Hope (www.ourwingsofhope.com) an organization that provides essential resources to women.

Princess Laiya, who is the main character of My Voice Is My Superpower, is an energetic and bright 8-year-old. She is known as the “Voicer” because she is definitely one who voices her thoughts. She was an intricate and powerful voice in the process of birthing her first co-authored book with her mother. From the vague seed of an idea to the intricate details of each character, Princess Laiya divinely used her superpower – her voice. She even casually and wittingly injected her voice into the arena of web design. This smart, talented and inspiring young princess in the making will be a leading voice to be reckoned with for the lives of other young girls around the world – and when asked, she is up to the task.

For press inquiries, contact 301-741-7596 or michelle@myvoiceismysuperpower.com