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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Author Recognizes the Need to Pass Down Family Recipes, Strengthen Families in New Cookbook

Introducing a Young Lady in Cooking For the Holidays Too By Michelle Marts-Shannon

Author Michelle Marts-Shannon and her bookcover

NationwideIntroducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays Too: Keeping the Family Legacy Alive by Michelle Marts-Shannon starts with an amazing introduction from the author discussing traditions, family and preserving family recipes. Almost everyone has memories of the smell and taste of a favorite food but never thought about asking for the recipe until it’s too late. This cookbook is a delightful book for young ladies of all ages. It helps give them a sense of identity and makes them aware of preserving family recipes, family traditions and family stories. Food often has the ability to bring families together and strengthen families. This informative cookbook has simple holiday recipes that anyone can follow, including cooking suggestions any aspiring cook can benefit from.

Michelle comments, “My idea for this book is to teach our girls and bring recognition to our ancestors and their amazing stories and recipes. I believe in telling the stories behind the recipes and passing down the recipes to future generations and this book allows you to do just that.”

Marts-Shannon says her mother, father and grandmothers have played a big part in her knowledge of cooking. She also goes on to say how they were all positive influences on her style of cooking and choice of ingredients. “I wrote this cookbook to introduce young ladies to cooking for the holidays in addition to providing them with tips on how to carry themselves as a young lady should in the kitchen and everyday life. The cookbook includes memory pages to preserve family memories. It also includes cooking tip pages and family recipe pages for passed down family recipes and cooking tips. Passing down family recipes is a wonderful way to leave a special legacy.”

Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays Too is a book that will give young ladies the stepping stone they need to get in the kitchen and start cooking like their mothers and grandmothers. In this must-have guide for young ladies, there are pages for young ladies to write down their own new recipes they want to add to their book. All young ladies who read the book will know how to prepare a holiday meal and set the table with the practical place setting instructions provided in the cookbook to teach young ladies how each place setting should look when preparing the table for a meal. This cookbook will make a great keepsake for young ladies of all ages.

Now available on Amazon.com or by visiting www.mshannon.org


Michelle Marts-Shannon