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Monday, March 7, 2016

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama Surprise These Washington DC Students in Their Classroom

Michelle Obama Surprises DC Classroom

First Lady Michelle Obama cooking with students during surprise visit

Washington, DC — First Lady Michelle Obama recently surprised a local group of students when she casually walked into a classroom at John Burroughs Elementary School in Northeast Washington. The children instantly recognized her, and one young boy reportedly jumped from his seat and ran into her arms while his classmates squealed.

Obama made her surprise visits, not just to Burroughs Elementary School, but also to Watkins Elementary Schools so that she could see students cooking with produce they grew in their local school gardens. She even took the time to cook with them, and commented that she had never made tortillas this way before.

One student working alongside her said, “I’ve never seen you before.” She replied, “I’ve never seen you before,” putting emphasis on the word “you.”

She told the class, “You guys have this amazing garden, and I’m so proud of you. And I want the world to see all the great things you are doing and all the great things you are learning so much from your garden and from your school.”

The First Lady is well known for her campaigns that promote healthy eating among children, and via her “Let’s Move campaign”, she has led several health, fitness, and anti-obesity initiatives during her tenure. She is credited for making America more conscious of these issues.

For more details about “Let’s Move”, visit www.letsmove.gov

Watch the video below:

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