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Monday, October 27, 2014

Miss Earth Congo 2015 National Competition to Take Place In Charlotte, NC on July 8-31, 2015

Miss Earth Congo

Nationwide — Ms. Mukon Ngoyi, the Miss Earth Congo National Director, along with Mr. Miguel Lagado, the Miss Earth Congo Artist from Manila, Philippines, announced today that the Miss Earth Congo 2015 national competition will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 8-31, 2015. This Miss Earth Pageant will feature 100 contestants, native born Congolese girls aged between 18 and 25 years old, coming from North Carolina and other states in the United States, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, and other parts of the world. The contestants will compete for the title of Miss Earth Congo.

This pageant aims to give these beautiful girls an opportunity to gain a scholarship to further their education. Furthermore, the pageant will (a) raise the awareness on the issues of environmental degradation, global warming as well as climate change; (b) promote the protection of Mother Earth; and (c) remind all of us about the plight faced by women not only in the two Congo, but also throughout the African continent, others poor countries, as well as many war ridden countries in the world.

Applications are now officially open and applicants must meet the following criteria, which can also be found at www.MissEarthCongo.tv:

a) Being single, never married, and without children;
b) Having a minimum height of 5’5” (165.1 cm);
c) Being of good moral character (never engaged in any form of prostitution; never participated in any obscene or X-rated exhibitions, whether print, stage, televisions or movies; never worked as a model, hostess, or in establishments generally reputed to be “girlie” joints);
d) Never been convicted of any crime; and e) Being familiar with her country’s culture and environmental issues. If you think that you have what it takes to be crowned Miss Earth Congo 2015, you can apply at www.MissEarthCongo.tv/apply. For more information on the beauty pageant, go to www.MissEarthCongo.tv/contact.

Please direct all sponsorship and partnership as well as media and press inquiries to Ms. Mukon Ngoyi: MissEarthCongo@Outlook.com

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Website: www.missearth.tv

Miss Earth Congo 2015
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