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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Are Your Mother’s Beliefs Around Money Keeping You Broke?

— Money Breakthrough expert, Monique Caradine, reveals why some women struggle financially and offers easy tips on how women can become courageous with cash. —

Monique Caradine Overflow

San Juan, PR — On many fronts the playing field has been leveled between men and women.  Yet when it comes to money, the scales are still unbalanced.  Women on average make less than men in the workplace and most women entrepreneurs struggle to breakthrough to 6-figures, let alone millionaire status.

Is gender inequality solely to blame for this disparity or are some women secretly afraid of their “inner millionaire?”  Could their mother’s disempowering beliefs around money be keeping women broke?

Monique Caradine is a veteran TV/Radio host and Certified Money Breakthrough Coach to women entrepreneurs.  As we approach Mother’s Day, Caradine says it’s time women stop undervaluing themselves, heal their relationship with money and finally earn what they deserve.

“Many women tend to have deep underlying issues around self-worth. Some of those issues stem from long-standing cultural nuances while others come from how they saw their parents and grandparents interact with money,” said Caradine.

She also says the problem appears to be magnified among Black women.

“As a result, we tend to have disempowering beliefs around money that keep us struggling, broke and completely unaware of the power we have to easily change our money situation.”

Caradine has openly shared her own struggles with money. Over the years, her work in the media industry led to national exposure on the largest networks yet she didn’t earn the high incomes that some of her media colleagues did.

“It took years but after working with a coach and studying the habits and values of the rich, I finally realized that my struggles with money had less to do with ‘the system’ and everything to do with my own emotions and beliefs around money,” Caradine said.

Caradine now runs a thriving small business offering Money, Marketing and Media coaching to women entrepreneurs and executives from around the world. In her Bold Money Academy, she encourages women entrepreneurs to do 4 things to unleash an overflow of cash:

1) Get to know your money personality because it will dictate the most profitable actions you should take in your business.

2) Let go of your mother’s beliefs around money because they could be holding you back.

3) Clear out money clutter.

4) Create multiple streams of income. No woman should rely on only one source of income.

This summer Caradine will host OverFlow (www.OverFlowRetreat.com), a 3-day business retreat for women entrepreneurs, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Attendees will learn exactly how to unravel their disempowering money beliefs and how to unleash their inner-millionaire. Caradine also plans to help women entrepreneurs gain more freedom and influence in their business and the marketplace.

“This Mother’s Day, I hope women will give themselves the gift of attending Overflow so I can show them how to create a life of more than enough,” Caradine said.

For more information about Overflow or to schedule an interview with Monique, contact Stephanie Trani at Stephanie@moniquecaradine.com

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