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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Black Mom of 6 Welcomes Triplets Just a Few Years After Giving Birth to Twins

Monique Davaul

Nationwide — Monique Davaul, a 30-year-old African American mother from Newport News, Virginia, has given birth to fraternal triplets just a few years after giving birth to twin boys. She has now become a proud mother of 6.

Last year, Monique was planning her 30th birthday party when she discovered she was 8 weeks pregnant. She wasn’t aware at first that she was expecting triplets, but she said she suspected the possibility since she already know from experience what it is like being pregnant with twins before and she had persistent morning sickness this time.

“I was very sick, so I said, ‘It’s either a girl, or I’m pregnant with multiples,'” she shared with People.

Monique confirmed the incredible news that she was indeed pregnant with triplets after a visit to the doctor. She also excitedly shared the revelation with a co-worker, who had jokingly predicted she might have multiple births early on.

She immediately adjusted her plans and transformed her birthday celebration into a gender reveal party, inviting loved ones to share in the joyous news.

Monique said her twins, Nasir and Sincere, who are now 6 years old, as well as her 8-year-old son, initially thought she was joking when she told them about it. But soon enough, the reality of their expanding family soon set in and they eagerly awaited the arrival of their siblings.

“They try to help out,” she said, expressing her gratitude for their involvement.

Four months into her pregnancy, Monique decided to stop working and diligently attended routine check-ups every two weeks.

When her water broke, Monique was taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center, where she gave birth to two girls and a boy — Mielle, Noelle, and Jihad —  via Cesarean section. After spending a few weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, Jihad and Mielle were discharged a few days ahead of Noelle.

The delivery marked the hospital’s first experience with triplets since 2018. Nurses expressed their pride in being part of such a special moment for the family. They said in a statement, “Moments like these are truly a reminder of why we love being nurses.”

Moreover, doctors revealed that Monique did not use fertility drugs for any of her pregnancies, making her repeat multiple pregnancies even more extraordinary.