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Friday, July 25, 2014

African American Cartoon Series Puts A “Ninja” Spin on Slavery – And a Video Game is Also in the Works!


Benny, the slave turned cyborg

Berlin, NJ — There was Roots, then 12 Years a Slave, and now in development is a cartoon series called Mortolkosbei. Picture two runaway slaves who are fighting for their freedom by becoming cyborg ninjas. They must enslave their future descendants named Mortolkosbei.

Created by cartoonist Justin Serrette Jr, who also backed Aaron McGruder (creator of Boondocks) on his movie Uncle Ruckus. Mortolkosbei is also being developed into a fighting video game called Mortolkosbei Mugen. Similar to Mortal Kombat, players will be able to choose a wide list of characters, combos, and finishing moves.

Mortolkosbei will take place in the 1600’s then fast forward to early 1900’s during the renaissance of Black Wall Street. In Black Wall Street, the slaves will befriend a scientist, chemist, and engineer to help build and rebuild them into the ultimate killing machines.

The characters will feature a wide range of fighting styles ranging from Jeet Kung Do, Jiu Jitsu, Greco Roman Wresting, and so on. The character MortolKosbei first appeared in another cartoon Serrette created called Alienz Wit’ Afros receiving over a million YouTube views.

Serrette Jr, comments, “When I first read a book on Black Wall Street it shook me to the core. They won’t teach this in history class. In Mortolkosbei, you’ll learn a lot.”

Serrette is also the mastermind behind Crazyafroanimation, a business where he produces African American cartoons and has an obscene clothing line. He currently produces with Riley Martin, who does radio on the Howard Stern Channel as well as voices on the Cartoon Network. They have also taken his book The Coming of Tan, and produced it into a cartoon series.

Screen shots for both the video game and cartoon are available at www.Crazyafroanimation.com.

Justin Serrette Jr.