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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Black-Owned Tech Firm Delivers On Demand Lawn Service With New App

Founders of Mowr Technologies

Douglas Salazar and Gray Taylor, the founders of Mowr Technologies

Lansing, MI — Lawn care and maintenance are now just a few taps away with the Mowr Technologies app. This innovative idea allows you to order and schedule services with ease, such as mowing, and leaf and snow removal. It offers fast and efficient service that will shorten your spring cleaning to-do-list, and extend summertime fun.

“We noticed a need for these services by the amount of people seeking lawn care providers on Facebook and other social media sites,” says co-creator and co-founder of Mowr Technologies, Gray Taylor. “Lawn care is a necessity for most people, so we created a simple app to offer assistance with the work.”

With increasing popularity, Mowr Technologies is most prominent in the Midwest among commercial and residential clients. Opportunities to earn extra income are available by applying to become a Mowr Technologies Partner. Mowr Technologies Partners are independent contractors who provide the services and required to pass a background check.

Search for and download the Mowr Technologies app from the App Store and Google Play. Visit www.Mowr.app for more information. Follow Mowr Technologies on Facebook (@mowrtechnologies), Instagram (@mowrtechnologies) and Twitter (@mowrtech).


About Mowr Technologies
Launched in 2019, Mowr Technologies is more than an app, it’s a community of people you can count on. Co-founders/creators Gray Taylor and Douglas Salazar are entrepreneurs who will appear on the Fox network to share the story behind their groundbreaking invention.

About the Founders
Douglas Salazar started Sunripe Produce when he discovered there was nowhere to buy fresh produce, in his North Lansing community. Sunripe Produce has operated for over three years. The neighborhood market provides a variety of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. To further its contributions to the community, the company donates produce to local shelters and community centers.

In 2015, Gray Taylor started iDream Dance Studios. It came from his vision to provide dance classes to kids in his Lansing neighborhood. He felt it was his duty to fill the void created by cuts to the art and after school programs. iDream has hosted a free financial literacy expo, fundraisers and free tutoring for the community.