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Monday, July 30, 2018

Advocate for Black Women Empowerment Launches Three Products to Empower and Raise Strong Independent Women

Muria Nisbett, founder of the Be Your Own Person Movement

Muria Nisbett, founder of the Be Your Own Person Movement

Beaumont, TX — The Be Your Own Person Movement created by Army veteran Muria Nisbett moves toward women’s empowerment. She established the movement with the philosophy that raising strong, independent women is better and more beneficial than repairing broken women. There has been a rise in bullying, school shootings, increased suicide rates, and many self-destructive challenges online. In light of these events, many people find it difficult to discover who they are and to become their own person, especially women. Today’s society faces many negative events that points to a need for this movement and products designed for women and girls’ empowerment.

The movement and the products’ goal are to encourage women of all ages to embark on a journey of self-discovery. They help women from ages 5 to adulthood to find out who they are and realize their true potential. They can learn tools to help them in search inside themselves for beauty instead of seeking external validation. To help women discover who they really are, Ms. Nisbett introduces three distinct products meant to achieve this goal.

The first is The Pledge. The Pledge is a journal for little girls ages 5 and above. Discovery best starts at a young age. Journaling is one of the best ways of self-discovery. Using the Pledge, young girls can identify the unique characteristics that make them who they are. This also helps them practice self-love.

In the journal, there is a designated space to write one amazing thing that happened every day. This creates a healthy habit of looking for the good in each day.

The second product is The Talk Bracelet. The Talk Bracelet is a tool for mother-daughter bonding. It includes a journal and a bracelet with seven charms. The idea is that every year onher birthday, the daughter gets a new charm for the bracelet, and that initiates ‘The Talk’. In the journal, there are age-specific topics, conversation starters, and talking points meant to facilitate bonding. There is also a designated space to with anything that mom and daughter feel are important. This is done from age 12-18. A quick fact about this product is that it was created by Ms. Nisbett and her daughter Tinisha. They created this as a way to bond and heal after Tinisha attempted suicide due to bullying.

The last of the products is called The Happy Hour Series. The Happy Hour Series is a full-length novel that includes three interesting stories of women’s empowerment. The first storyattempts to find the answer to the question, ‘Who Am I?’ It’s about introspection and self-discovery.

The second story is about rejecting the negativity around the world. It’s teaches women how to identify the unrealistic expectations and negative messages in society that make them feel that they are not good enough. They will learn the tools to help them reject these messages and realize that there is no need to change their personality to fit the expectations of others.

The last story aims to help women learn to let go of any past hurts and failures that keep them
from finding happiness.

For more information, please visit www.BeYourOwnPerson.org or send an email to nizzy81@gmail.com