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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

“My Daddy Does My Hair” — Author Sharon Hart Pens Children’s Book to Honor Fathers

— Delaware author pens children’s book that highlights the activity and importance of a father in the life of his children. —

My Daddy Does My Hair Book


Nationwide — The book, My Daddy Does My Hair by Middletown, DE author Sharon Hart is hitting the market at what seems to be the perfect time. Currently, Pantene Hair has joined forces with the NFL and some of its players to display a tender moment and time of bonding between a father and daughter while he does her hair. The style of the hair is not what’s important but the act of caring, loving and protecting that is being displayed through, what seems to be a simple act, speaks volumes.

My Daddy Does My Hair shows a father in a posture of giving and that alone touches the heart of little girls and big girls alike. Sharon has carefully depicted a father being fully present and fully active in the life of his daughter, which as we know is an irreplaceable.

As an African American woman and mother, Sharon knows the importance of uplifting and building the men in her life. In light of the negative press men in our communities and abroad have been receiving, Sharon hopes that the book My Daddy Does My Hair will be a spark of light to entertain, encourage and give our fathers the much needed pat on the back they deserve.

My Daddy Does My Hair is published by Vision Directives and is available at www.IamSharonHart.com


About the Author
Sharon Hart-Harris was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She discovered her love for writing in elementary school. She wrote her first book 2013 titled, Customer Service – Who Said the Customer is Always Right? Sharon enjoys writing poems, short stories and songs. She is passionate about her work and finds peace in writing. She now resides in Delaware with her husband and she is mother to three grown children and grandmother to seven grandchildren. For more details, visit www.IamSharonHart.com


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