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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

From War Refugee to Successful Entrepreneur — Portugal-Based African Business Woman Creates New Chemical-Free Premium Haircare Product Line for Textured Hair

Myriam Taylor, founder of Muxima

Myriam Taylor, founder of Muxima

Lisbon, Portugal — Meaning ‘heart’ in Kimbundu, an Angolan language, Muxima is a line of products for textured hair. Made with love and using a combination of the world’s finest bio ingredients for textured hair – uniquely formulated together in high quantities – Muxima nourishes and styles your hair in a way nothing has before. The company is the result of a personal journey by an African woman named Myriam Taylor that many can identify with.

Contextualizing on Myriam’s life journey…

Myriam’s parents came from Angola to Europe as war refugees in 1976, and she was born and raised in Portugal. “I belong to the first generation of postcolonialism in my home country. Those were not easy days to be a black woman in provincial Portugal,” she says.

Being a minority made her very conscious of all the underrepresented voices across the world, and she says this has always propelled her to be involved. As a result, she started volunteering at age 15. Years later, she graduated from the Rose Bruford School of Drama in London, where she specialized in Theatre of the Oppressed. This led her to work with a variety of different people, including victims of domestic violence in Paris and war orphans in Angola.

She comments, “My creative output has always been connected to social and humanitarian causes. So when I established my company, Muxima, I could only do so by upholding my beliefs and in line with my value system.”

A new hair care brand that works

Having relaxed her hair for many years, Myriam stopped while she was pregnant – mindful of the harshness of the chemicals involved. Returning to her natural hair, she wanted to find a way of caring and wearing it both curly and straight without the chemicals and being happy and confident with the results.

Muxima is the result of this desire to be able to make a healthy, informed choice by creating products that really worked. Working with Muxima Bio (the bio-tech company formed by Myriam and her technology expert husband, Paulo), their motto was unusual but simple: Make the best products we can, using the finest range of shampoo, conditioners and stylers that would transform the haircare and styling experience of people with all types of textured hair.

As of December 2016, Muxima has launched five products worldwide in its online store at www.muxima.net/shop, followed by a soft launch in Lisbon, Portugal in a major prime location – Espaço Espelho d’Agua – where it also inaugurated an exhibition, curated by Muxima, titled Artivism by the artist André de Castro. In addition, it has also launched in exclusivity at premium department stores in Paris, Amsterdam, London and Luanda.

A first for textured hair

Muxima Caviar System is their first range of products, with premium ingredients in the highest concentrations available on the market. They’re a first for Muxima, and also a first for textured hair. All of their products are made with new formulations and premium ingredients – bio-marine anti-aging caviar protein, gold, Prodew 500, antioxidant orchid extract – in the highest concentrations.

Their products contain no parabens, no sulphates, no artificial fragrances or colour. All products are cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested and produced in Europe.

For more details about Myriam Taylor or her company, Muxima, visit www.muxima.net/shop or follow them on social media.

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