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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Black Certified Travel Advisor Encourages Travelers to Book COVID-19 Safe Trips With Her Professional Agency

Nadia Sparkle, founder of Travel With Sparkle

Mount Vernon, NY — During this global pandemic, everyone is adjusting to a new normal. Domestic and international travel has become a different process. 80% of international destinations have prohibited travel to and from the United States. The good news is COVID-19 vaccines are now offered here to all adults and individuals age 16 and over. This has impacted tourism in a good way, as countries around the world begin to soften travel restrictions. The European Union has already officially announced they will be allowing fully vaccinated Americans to visit this summer.

Nadia Sparkle, founder of Travel with Sparkle, advises travelers from the United States, to leave the planning and logistics to a certified professional travel advisor, especially if they are considering leaving the country. Travel bans and restrictions due to the ongoing global pandemic involve sifting through details. Processing the many guidelines and navigating the requirements for both travelers who are not vaccinated and those who are fully vaccinated. All of this can be intimidating.

“Vacationers just want to pack their bags, go, and unwind on a white sand beach. No one who loves to travel ever really wants to read the fine print. But travel is my life,” says Nadia. “A great vacation is an investment in your peace of mind. Staying up to date with the key information, moment-by-moment updates from the CDC, and modified worldwide travel advisories, that’s what I do. So, I encourage my community of travelers to go for that once-in-a-lifetime excursion, an exciting get-a-way that’s something other than that typical cruise to the Caribbean and leave the worries to the experienced professional.”

Nadia is a certified professional travel advisor, specializing in group travel. In 2007, she launched Travel with Sparkle and has since been arranging group tours to dream destinations around the world.

“Travelers want their vacations to meet their expectations. We all want to look great in our Social Media feed, but the logistics need to be perfectly managed for travelers to return from their dream vacation with the best memories,” says Nadia. “An experienced travel advisor understands the need for options in the event of an emergency, and we at Travel with Sparkle have contingency plans ready.”

“Don’t let the Instagram pictures fool you, not every vacation experience is wonderful. Many travelers do not understand the difference between an experienced travel advisor and a trip promoter until something goes wrong, and the people they’ve trusted are making a difficult situation worse. At that point, it’s too late.”

The global pandemic presents challenges that Americans traveling for business or recreation have never had to meet before. The most burdensome possibility is contracting COVID-19 while vacationing. In the event someone in their travel group contracts the Coronavirus while vacationing abroad, this is also a possibility to keep in mind and something travelers need to be prepared for. Experienced travel advisors are indispensable when things don’t go as planned.
“We at Travel with Sparkle offer unbridled customer support. We store your preferences. If you experience a problem while traveling, we will act on your behalf as your travel advocate, so you can relax and still enjoy your vacation.”

“If you’ve noticed the package rates dropping, now with the vaccine rollout, travel prices are going back up. There are a lot of trip promoters out here offering cheap deals. But I know better. You get what you pay for. Those unbeatable travel offerings are great until something goes wrong. That’s when they lose all their value. The last thing you want to do is spend your vacation waiting, on an 800-line, hoping to reach an actual human during a pandemic.”

Hardworking Americans need the support of a qualified expert when planning that vacation abroad. Even when there is not a global health crisis, Travel with Sparkle supports travelers through their concerns. Work with an expert travel advisor to get you to your dream destination, advocate and troubleshoot on your behalf when and if you need support.

Go to Travel with Sparkle for VIP access, exclusive perks, and product offerings, over a decade of professional insights, and first-hand knowledge of travel to over 30 countries around the world—all to your benefit, as they serve as your resource and to ensure you get the best quality travel package. “Leave planning the logistics to us and let us get you safely home.”

Visit TravelWithSparkle.com and join the mailing list for updates on exclusive offers and receive $100 off your first group travel package.

Notes to Editors:
Travel with Sparkle offers professional travel guidance from start to finish and is trusted by over 1000 travelers worldwide. For more information. visit www.travelwithsparkle.com

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