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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Nadula Introduces New Line of 100% Human Hair for Black Women of all Ages and Complexions

Nadula wig collection for women of color

NationwideNadula, a direct-to-consumer leading innovator in the manufacturer of 100% human hair products, has released new collections for women of color of all complexions. Along with new hairstyles and lengths, Nadula is presenting steep discounts on new and popular additions to their extensive lineup of 100% virgin hair designs.

Consumers can break out of the suffering of quarantine days with a beautiful new look. Nadula was founded in 2001 with the guiding principles that they would work to encourage women to be confident, bold and cultivate their inner beauty.

Catering to women of color to compliment while enhancing the hues and complexities of changing skin colors and textures, Nadula has developed hundreds of hair products from the roots up. Using natural hair 100% human hair harvested with natural roots, Nadula has perfected the craft of creating hair accents in over 150 styles, colors, designs, cuts, and lengths. Also, customers can achieve buy now pay later hair wigs and bundles with Zip Quadpay and Paypal on the web site.

The hand-selected, designed, coiffured, and sewn hair Nadula masterpieces feature smooth soft textures, dynamic and extraordinary living colors. For over 20 years worldwide, clients have exalted Nadula for its continuous pursuit of innovation, expertise in scientific research and development as well as guaranteed excellence and quality control.

Today, coupled with a catalog that already features the finest natural hair products at the most extraordinarily low prices, Nadula is offering customers to save even more. In lending a hand to shake out the blues of recent troubling times, Nadula wants all women of color of all ages to feel glamourous.

Nadula is focused on getting the instant beatification accessory, finely designed and crafted virgin human hair into everyone’s wardrobe. Nadula is announcing numerous price slashing incentives for everyone who wants, needs, and desires beautifully crafted easy-care hair products.

Along with the normal everyday wholesaling pricing of the highly-rated Nadula, they have announced daily flash sales leading into the fall and winter season. Check the Daily Flash page for extraordinary specials.

Along with the daily flash sales and already steeply discounted prices for the industry-leading 100% human hair accessories and wigs for women of color, Nadula is offering a discount coupon that can be used 10 times per buyer along with the fall and winter daily flash sale deals. Get $10 off any order over $139, using coupon code NH10. Use it and share it for up to 10 uses for $100 in savings at Nadula.

Always introducing exciting innovations to beautify every complexion, Nadula has recently added Highlight Hair. The dynamically colored natural hair creations by Nadula are expertly highlighted using quality dyes and precision application for perfectly accented hair.

Nadula is not only a one-stop direct-to-consumer hair service for women of color, but it also offers over 10 hair textures made from 4 sourced types including Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian, as well as bundle deals, full wigs, headbands, and half wigs. With dedicated customer service, a dull selection of quality sources and constructed hair additions, low everyday prices, and astonishing flash sales and extra discounts, Nadula is ready to serve women of color everywhere.

For more information and details of offers, visit Nadula.com

For wholesale orders, contact 769-801-1015 or send an email to service@nadula.com

For press inquiries, contact marketing@nadula.com