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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

African American Actress Reveals Secrets of Perfecting the Job Interview

— In her latest book, veteran actress Nan-Lynn Nelson offers practical information for Millennials preparing for their first or tenth job interview. —

Nan-Lynn Nelson, author of How To Get Paid: Interviwing With Style

Author Nan-Lynn Nelson, and her bookcover

Poughkeepsie, NY — Veteran actress, teaching artist and author, Nan-Lynn Nelson, announces the release of How To Get Paid: Interviewing With Style! published by Amazon’s Create Space. This easy-paced book, focuses on the all important, “soft skills” that can make you shine or block your success. It is all about how to bring a job search to a successful conclusion.

If you’re like many Millennials, you haven’t had much opportunity to develop the interview techniques and resume-building tactics you need. You may not understand how language, poise, and appearance influence older employers and can make or break an interview—or how a little research into a business makes you a more knowledgeable hiring prospect.

Fortunately, How To Get Paid, has the information you need to hone your job search skills and shine at the interview table. Ms. Nelson’s approach is accessible and humorous making this guide a snappy read. You’ll discover advice and strategies that even veteran job hunters neglect- important steps that can determine whether your interviewer’s handshake means “good-bye” or “welcome to the company”

Nan-Lynn Nelson is a professional actor with over 25 years experience on Broadway and Television. As a teaching artist for over ten years, her very successful arts-in-education and character development programs have given her a thorough understanding of the skills today’s youth need to develop, to point them in the right direction in order to secure employment.

How To Get Paid: Interviewing With Style! is available online in paperback on www.Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle, as well as www.createspace.com/6024513


Book Details:
How To Get Paid: Interviewing With Style!
By Nan-Lynn Nelson
ISBN: 9781 52369 8141
Format: 5×7 paperback and ebook


About the Author
Nancy Nelson-Ewing is a professional actress with over twenty-five years of critically acclaimed Broadway and television performances and TV commercials to her credit. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater/English and is a proud mother and wife. Nancy is also a poet, artist, a playwright, screenwriter, and her series of children’s stories, The Girl with the Giggling Hair and Delaney Diction Master, will be coming soon. Also available at www.amazon.com: Journey to Virtue Planet. It is Ms. Nelson’s character education inter-active storybook with virtue cutout cards, for a young audience. Visit her website at www.myvirtueplanet.com


Nan-Lynn Nelson