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Monday, September 28, 2020

NBA Star Chris Paul Enrolls as an HBCU Student at Winston-Salem State

Chris Paul

Winston-Salem, NC — NBA player Chris Paul is reportedly taking classes at Winston-Salem State University, the same HBCU that his parents attended years ago.

Chris, who is now 35-years old, played college basketball at Wake Forest University. After his sophomore season, he left for the NBA where he now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

His father, Charles Paul, is glad that his son is taking a class again in his free time. He told ESPN’s First Take, “He’s always wanting to learn new things, so that’s a good thing.”

Paul still finished college a few years after leaving. He had two years of eligibility left before, but now he won’t be playing again in college at his age.

Moreover, Paul took the opportunity to promote HBCUs. He also mentioned about providing transportation to its students to be able to register to vote.

“Just about everybody in my family went to an HBCU except for me,” Paul said. “When Stephen A. (a WSSU graduate) talks about Winston-Salem State, that’s near and dear to my heart. For me, it’s been about trying to give a voice to HBCUs.”