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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New 2015 Guide Empowers Women With The Latest REAL and LEGIT Grants and Scholarships

— Women can now download a powerful 78-page e-book to their computers, smartphones or tablets giving them instant access to millions of dollars in available funding. —

Grants For Women E-Book


Nationwide — A new e-book has been published, entitled 2015 Grants, Scholarships and More For Women, and it’s everything a woman needs! Listed within the guide are hundreds of real and legit 2015 grant opportunities to start/expand a business or a non-profit organization, and all the scholarships and financial aid opportunities for women to attend college.

Why is this book important for women?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 158 million women in the United States. There are another 17 million in Canada. But despite such huge numbers, it’s still a man’s world!

Women often find themselves greatly disadvantaged just like any other minority group when it comes to equal pay at the workplace, scholarships for education, funding to start a business, public assistance to support themselves and their families.

But are grants for real?

There are tons of scams out there, but they are also a lot of actual legit grant opportunities!

The truth is that thousands of women every year receive grants (directly or indirectly) from various organizations and foundations. These grants are usually funded through individual donations, donations from major corporations, or government funding allocated to a certain cause.

And what about scholarships?

Scholarships are also grants, but are only used for education. They are typically given to students to help pay for college tuition, books, and room and boarding. Like grants, they do not need to be repaid!

About the book

Published by Go Girl Books!, 2015 Grants, Scholarships and More For Women makes it super easy for women of all ages to find the latest grant and scholarship opportunities because every opportunity within the book is real and legit. Even more, it’s already been compiled for easy and instant access. The e-book also features the top organizations for professional & business women, the top magazines/blogs for professional& business women, and the top annual business conferences for… you guessed it, professional & business women!

The book is available for just $4.95 and can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone at www.GoGirlBooks.com or www.Amazon.com

Go Girl Books!