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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

New Black-Owned Apparel Line Launched to Help Legalize Being Black

Models wearing Legalize Being Black shirts

Nationwide — A new Black-owned apparel line called TheRarestShirts.com has launched to help create more awareness about the constant racism, discrimination, and police brutality that African Americans continue to experience across the country. With a very unusual theme and message, the apparel line sarcastically suggests that being Black needs to be legalized.

Millions can resonate with this type of sarcasm because nearly every week there is a new case about an unarmed African American man or woman who is killed by police officers. Other incidents often reveal that many white Americans are needlessly calling the police on African Americans to report small, non-serious offenses. Some are calling the police for no reason at all. It’s as if being Black in America is illegal.

The apparel line includes high-quality tank tops, short and long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, and more. The messages imprinted on the merchandise varies from: “Legalize Being Black” to “Stop Killing Black People” to “I Can’t Breathe”.

For more details and/or to support the cause, visit TheRarestShirts.com/collections/pro-black


Junior Serrano