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Thursday, March 4, 2021

In New Book, Black Author Reveals the Secrets to a Successful Marriage

10 Keys Successful Marriage Seven Secrets by Dr. Stephen Jones

Springfield, PA — Dr. Stephen Jones has enjoyed 33 years of a loving and caring marriage and he wants to share his experience with you via his newest book titled 10 Keys to a Successful Marriage. It is an interactive workbook for engaged and married couples.

Dr. Jones says a good marriage requires godly wisdom, honest communication, and a loving and caring spouse. Married at 27 he and Adele committed to a long and lasting relationship with God’s help. Dr. Jones says the wedding is an exciting day, but we agreed that marriage is for a lifetime. He has decided that now is the time to share all he has learned about the foundation for a good marriage. He hopes to encourage each married couple to know that they can have a long and loving relationship.

Dr. Jones believes that couples can learn to pivot and to use their creativity to have an even stronger marriage. In other words, regularly try something new and don’t stay stuck in old habits. He says you can have a flourishing relationship just by learning easy communication tips to introduce into your marriage. The struggles in a marriage can help you to grow closer together when you both attack the problem and not each other. You can discover how God has great plans for your marriage by reading suggestions from the lay members and pastors who have contributed to this book. Their marriage experiences range from 10 years to 30 years. You will get practical advice that’s been cultivated over many years of marriage.

Dr. Jones says your marriage can be full of many blessings, years of encouragement and intimacy that you never expected. He says you must fight for your marriage and that there are no perfect people. When you desire to have good communication with your spouse confusion is waiting around the corner. This book will help you to have more open conversations with your spouse and you’ll learn how to render confusion helpless. You can solve problems when you are willing to work on it. When two unique people come together and commit to their relationship the two can become one.

In the book 10 Keys to a Successful Marriage, you will learn the joy that comes from companionship. This can happen when the couple decides to focus on meeting the needs of their spouse. Dr. Jones says when love is unconditional a marriage relationship can grow deeper and deeper. You can expect extraordinary things can happen in your marriage when Godly wisdom is at the center of it. You can have a very fruitful relationship built on trust. Sadly, Dr. Jones has witnessed the rapid increase in the number of divorces and conflicts on the rise in marriages. He hopes his book will be one solution to marital problems by sharing Godly advice. Dr. Jones believes the best is yet to come for marriages.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an accomplished educator, author, and publisher of five books. He is devoted to inspiring people to live their best lives personally, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. In his new book, Dr. Jones is devoted to helping you to make your marriage an exciting and long-lasting relationship built on trust in God and a determination that nothing can separate you from your spouse.

To get a copy of the new book, go to DrJonesBooks.com/marriage. For all inquiries, send emails to Learn@DrStephenJones.net or call 610-544-5480.