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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Book “Education Denied” is a Must-Read For All Who Work on Behalf of Children in Urban America

Education Denied by Bernard Gassaway


Nationwide — In Education Denied: Children. Challenges. Choices, Dr. Bernard Gassaway provides thought-provoking anecdotes that are meant to motivate the reader to act. He believes that “passive participation serves to maintain the status quo.” Dr. Gassaway wrote this book to highlight challenges that children, families, communities, stakeholders and school personnel (particularly in urban centers) face when attempting to educate children.

Dr. Gassaway states that, “Education is denied to millions of urban poor children because urban educators, politicians and policymakers lack the courage to correct the course of failed policies and practices that are rooted in racial, socioeconomic and political inequities.”

He goes on to say:

“Schools in poor urban centers are expected to educate children who are faced with enormous challenges. For example, many poor urban district and school personnel are expected to successfully educate children who are often homeless, pregnant, formerly incarcerated, in foster care, have limited English proficiency, have special needs, live in single-family households, are juvenile delinquents, illiterate and/or poor. School leaders and teachers are expected to demonstrate success by raising test scores and graduation rates. They are expected to do this with limited resources.”

According to Dr. Gassaway, “Education will continue to be denied to poor children as long as social, racial, economic and political realities are ignored. Just as a divided house cannot stand, a divided education system cannot work for all children.”

Education Denied is organized into five sections. Each section ends with an action plan. Each action plan provides specific instructions or recommendations for parents, teachers, administrators, community stakeholders or policymakers to improve learning outcomes for children.

Education Denied [ISBN: 978-0-578-172965] is currently available online at Amazon. Schools may purchase bulk copies from Dare Books (desmondr@darebooks.com – Longwood, Florida 32750) or visit www.bernardgassaway.com.

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Bernard Gassaway, Ed.D.