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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Book, “He Can’t Make You Happy,” By Life Coach Skip Bailey Tells Women Exactly What They Need to Hear

Skip Bailey, author of He Can't Make You Happy

Skip Bailey, author of “He Can’t Make You Happy”

Lawrenceville, NJ — Skip Bailey is a certified life coach and motivational speaker. He is author of You Are Outstanding and Unstoppable: Sixty Days of Inspiration and Affirmations, released in 2013 (978-1-4759-7933-6). May 3, 2017 marks the release of He Can’t Make You Happy (978-1-5323-3480-1). This sophomore title by life coach Skip Bailey delivers sound advice for women, straight without circumventing.

“Sometimes, women are in love with the idea of being in love,” says Skip Bailey. “But when—instead of their ideals—they encounter another human being with his own brokenness that needs to be addressed, they are ill-prepared.”

Skip Bailey has been offering one-on-one counseling for men and women for nearly a decade, often sharing his advice to support and encourage large groups. After recognizing how so many women needed the same advice, he decided to present his advice as easy-to-understand steps, in hopes of helping as many as possible.

BlackDemographics.com reports that 48% of black women have never been married. This is a cause of disappointment for many, despite success in other aspects of their lives. Healthy relationships require individuals to enter with realistic expectations and for them to operate from a healthy sense of self.

He Can’t Make You Happy is sized for women to carry in a purse and Skip’s advice is presented like ordered steps for women to use as a guide to assess themselves. Each chapter includes a “Notes” section to easily chart progress and help women discover for themselves why their lives may be off track. “Women worry. Women want to get to the heart of an issue and are willing to do the work to solve it: buy magazines, go to health clubs, join women’s groups, whatever . So many are seeking what is missing in their lives by searching outside of themselves. I just want them to understand that a man is not the solution to their problems and empower them with the tools to get their lives on track.” So in essence, He Can’t Make You Happy is life coaching in book form.


About the Author
Skip Bailey began his career as a professional musician (bass guitarist) for such acts as the noted Millie Jackson. He is a certified life coach, relationship coach, and certified drug/alcohol recovery coach. Former Talk Radio Host for In the Public Interest on WiMG (1300 AM) and Sunday Morning Inspiration (920AM), Skip tours the lecture circuit as a motivational speaker. Host and producer of Princeton, NJ’s The Skip Bailey Show, Cable TV (Channel 45), as well as an event producer, Skip hosts seminars, facilitates workshops, and coaches clients in multiple cities across the United States. He has received proclamations from Jersey State Senator Shirley Turner and former mayor of Trenton, the Honorable Douglas H. Palmer. Skip Bailey hales from Cape Charles, Virginia. He currently resides in www.skipbailey.com.


What people are saying…

“…a compelling look into the Who, What, and Why(s) of the joys and pains of our relationships. A tabletop conversation book that will have you chatting it up with friends.” — Frankie Darcell, National Radio Personality/WDAS (105.3 FM), Philadelphia

“This book promises to awaken, ignite, and inspire. As a lover of things that enhance my personal growth, I was very pleased with this piece. Get your pen ready to take notes, as you peel back the layers of your life. It may hurt, but remember you’re on the journey to becoming a better you. So buckle up—let’s go!” -— Desiree “Dezzie” Neal, Media Correspondent and Radio Personality/WPPZ (107.9 FM), Philadelphia

“Life Coach Skip Bailey has done it again! In his new book He Can’t Make You Happy, Skip provides practical assistance to women who are looking for happiness and joy, but in the wrong places. This book will guide you [into] how to look within and find true joy and happiness. This book is a must-read for those who’ve tried and failed, and those who want to avoid the common pitfalls of life.” — Bishop Philip Bonaparte, MD

“Skip Bailey’s advice is honest and insightful. Blaming ourselves or others is pointless. He Can’t Make You Happy is a handbook that explains how to get to the core of our issues and spells out why this is so important. None of us are perfect, but by taking the right actions, we can become better and feel better about ourselves.” — Eartha Watts Hicks, author of Love Changes, member of the esteemed Harlem Writers Guild


For media inquiries, please call (609) 575-1179 or send requests via email to 1skipbailey@gmail.com. For further information on Skip Bailey, visit his official website at www.skipbailey.com. You Are Outstanding and Unstoppable: Sixty Days of Inspiration and Affirmations (978-1-4759-7933-6) and He Can’t Make You Happy (978-1-5323-3480-1) are both available on Amazon.com.


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