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Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Book Asks, “How Do We Build a Real Wakanda?”

How Do We Build a Real Wakanda


NationwideHow Do We Build a Real Wakanda? is the title of the new book by hip hop activist Sean XLG Mitchell. The book advances the social dialog that was sparked by the major motion film Black Panther. The success of the movie has generated numerous conversations in the African American community from hair salons and barber shops to water cooler talk at the work place. It has spawned discussion on the empowerment of black women and the effects of positive images on African American children. The prominence of African culture highlighted in the film is the center of focus in Sean XLG’s seminal work that uses the mythical “Wakanda” as a metaphor for how we can build and empower the Black community.

Based on the platform of Sean’s book Seven, the importance of culture is highlighted throughout the work. Sean argues that cultural awareness is at the root and center of every successful people in the world. He states, “I had the privilege of teaching a class at Bowie State University during Black History month and after touching on our past achievements from the civil rights era to ancient Egypt, it created an overwhelming interest from the students to learn more about our history from a positive standpoint. Now the social commentary generated from the movie presents the perfect opportunity to keep the dialog moving.”

Sean sums up the book with this statement: “Wakanda is every city where its’ people are united and working towards positive outcomes. The fact that we are referencing Africa and African people takes on a special meaning because the movie symbolizes our triumphs and reflects our unlimited potential.” The book points out that for us to build a real Wakanda we must first build up the people because it is the people who will build the city. The African-centered approach opens the door for self and group reflection and analysis and poses the challenge for us to rise and embrace the best of who we are and by doing so we will claim victory.


About the Author:
Sean XLG Mitchell is the ultimate Hip Hop Scholar, artist and activist. Sean has worked extensively in the African American community, organizing and leading community based study groups, volunteering in schools, as well as a youth mentor. Sean XLG is the author of Hip Hop Hooray: Celebrating 30 Years of Rap Music and Introduction to Ka-Maat.


About The Book:
How Do We Build A Real Wakanda?: Edited Version of Seven Inspired by the Motion Picture Black Panther by Sean XLG Mitchell is available on Amazon.com (ISBN-13: 978-1986146340) (ISBN-10:1986146340).


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