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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Book “Prisoner of Love” Teaches Black Women (and Men) How To Be Happy in an Unhappy Marriage

Prisoner of Love: How To Be Happy in An Unhappy Marriage


Nationwide — No one gets married expecting to get divorced, but the cold reality is that the divorce rate in America is ridiculously high and is rising every day! But now thanks to one new book entitled, Prisoner of Love: How To Be Happy in an Unhappy Marriage, married African American men and women now have a great resource that can be of big help.

The book, published by Urban Ebooks (and exclusively available at www.UrbanEbooks.com for $2.49) offers more than 100 proven tips, techniques and strategies for African American couples who are in a troubled marriage! Readers will learn how to be successful, satisfied, and most of all… happy with their mate!

This book addresses:
* Why Do Marriages Fail?
* Is Your Marriage in Trouble?
* Starting Down the Road to Romance
* Paving the Road to Romance
* Thinking For A Healthy Marriage
* Living For Your Marriage
* Even More Ways to Reconnect
* Advice for the Romantically Challenged
* Romantic Things You Can Do
* Fighting Fair
* Effective and Powerful Things You Can Do For Your Mate
* Effective and Powerful Things You Can Do For Your Mate
* Great Ways to Spoil Your Spouse
* Massaging Each Other Can Make the Difference


How many of the following statements apply to your marriage?
* In your mind, your spouse just can’t do anything right anymore.
* You fight constantly.
* You’ve lost the ability or the willingness to resolve your marital problems.
* Resentment and contempt have replaced patience and love.
* You’ve turned from lovers into roommates.
* One or both of you is having an affair.
* You go out of your way to avoid being together and, when you are together, you have nothing to talk about.
* Your children are reacting to the stress in your marriage by fighting more, having difficulty in school, getting into trouble with the police, abusing drugs or alcohol, or becoming sexually promiscuous.
* You have begun having thoughts about divorce.
* When you’re not around your partner, you act more confident and in control


Prisoner of Love: How To Be Happy in an Unhappy Marriage was published to show you that keeping romance alive and well in your marriage can be achieved, but it does take work! Anything in life that is truly good and satisfying takes work. However, the rewards are HUGE, so it’s well worth the effort! This e-book will show you how to “Bring Your Marriage Back to Newlyweds Again!”

For more details and/or to purchase the book for $2.49, visit www.UrbanEbooks.com


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