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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New “N” Word Presents Universal Challenge — Don’t Be A Not-see®

— Introducing a new approach to encourage the silent witness to come forth. —

Don't Be  A Not-See

Nationwide — Positive Prints P. S. is excited to announce the release of a new music video for its’ universal call to action, Don’t Be A Not-see®. “We have launched a new community,” says Adam L. Perkins, originator and spokesperson for Don’t Be A Not-see®. He goes on to explain that the term “Not-see” came about after noticing the tendency of people to ignore injustice. Perkins adds, “Not-see® is defined as one who ignores injustice by pretending not to see it.”

“It’s been said that if it bleeds it leads. What does that say about our society?” asked Perkins, who feels that people can do more. “I take issue when a person knows, suspects, or witness an injustice and does nothing. Pretending not to see injustice won’t stop it from happening. Our goal is to encourage and motivate people to act when they witness injustice.”

According to Perkins the coined word “Not-See” identifies both the act of not getting involved and the individual. He comments, “Thousands of cases of children and women being abused are reported each year and it hurts. It hurts even more when it’s discovered that someone could have been the difference but did nothing. That has to stop.”

Perkins continues, “I believe getting involved with the Don’t Be A Not-see® community will help. This approach will help because of its direct appeal. It promotes awareness and presents in a bold new way a challenge to everyone to confront injustice.” He continues, “Being labeled a Not-See® is not appealing to people.”

But Perkins admits there were times in his life when he too was a “Not-See”. “It’s nothing I’m proud of. All of us probably can admit to being a Not-See at some point in our lives regarding something. I know better so now I do better. When the opportunity to DO SOMETHING and GET INVOLVED is neglected the results can be catastrophic.”

Perkins hopes to inspire the young and young at heart alike to join him in making a difference. He says, “One of the great attributes of the Don’t Be A Not-see® T-shirt is that it has over 180 causes on the back for you to choose from. From abandoned children to world hunger, there’s something for everyone. Pick your cause and you pick your change.”

About Don’t Be A Not-See®
Don’t Be A Not-see® is produced by Positive Prints Professional Services, (referred to as Positive Prints PS), a comprehensive publishing & production company since 2005. They specialize in creating multimedia productions and various types of products that inspire people to make a difference. The Don’t Be A Not-see® registered trademark was designed for one main purpose: to inspire everyone to take positive steps in making their world better by not being a Not-see®. Those who support the Don’t Be A Not-see® community are communicating a very powerful message. According to the founders, the neighborhoods, the nation, and the world deserve the challenge that only Don’t Be A Not-see® brings.

The Don’t Be A Not-see® debut single is now available on iTunes. For more information about the campaign and how to join the coalition, visit www.DontBeANotsee.com. They can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DontBeANotsee

Perkins is available to lecture at schools, churches, colleges/universities, nonprofits, self-help groups and various other organizations to provide lectures on motivation for awareness and change. Also, available as a commentator and columnist.

Watch the music video below:

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