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Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Song Calls Out Doctors Who Send Black Patients Home to Die

The Undiscovered Artist playing Coronavirus Song

Nationwide — A new song about the Coronavirus is infecting Black America with some very powerful, hard-hitting lyrics. The song, written and sung by a father whose own son was denied a test, hits home for thousands of Blacks in the U.S. and the UK that can relate to racial disparity and discrimination when it comes to being treated and even being tested for the virus.

The singer says in one verse:

Doctor doctor. I’m not feeling well.
He took my temperature and said he can tell.

Can you give me a test? He said you don’t qualify.
He wrote a prescription and sent me home to die.

In another verse, he sings:

What does it mean to be self-quarantined?
I’m fighting something that can’t be seen.

If I get infected or maybe you.
How we gonna tell who infected who?

The hookline goes:

I’m washing my hands every night and day.
Can somebody tell me I’m gonna be okay?

I’m down on my knees. That’s all I can say.
What time is it now? It’s time to pray.

‘Rona’ has got me on my knees.
If you can hear me, help me please.


With more than 100,000 streams on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud, the song is already on it’s way to becoming one of the biggest independently-released records of the year.

It’s also the only Coronavirus song out of more than 50 released so far this year that touches on the topic of people of color being denied tests and the healthcare they deserve.

The song is called the “Rona Song” by The Undiscovered Artist.

To listen for free:
Visit CoronavirusSong.com or watch the video on YouTube.


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