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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Revolutionary Black News and Entertainment Portal Gives Black Business Owners a Free New Platform to Increase Their Online Visibility

Neil Foote, a Newstoter user

Neil Foote, founder of PoliticsinColor.com – a Newstoter member

Tallahassee, FL — The world of news and entertainment is about to witness another revolutionary channel as Newstoter comes on stream. The focus of this medium is to connect with issues that affect the Black race across the world. It will cover news, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, sports and music related to black culture. It is bound to create rich interactions and a way of viewing the world from a healthy perspective.

“We feel that Newstoter.com will give black businesses of all shapes and sizes an incredible, free platform to spread their content and strengthen their brand. Unlike setting up a social media account and having to constantly upload videos or photos, Newstoter takes care of all of this by automating the process. The companies never have to lift a finger, we do all the heavy lifting. Newstoter not only syndicates content, but the site also allows users to subscribe to a company’s RSS feed directly from our site. It also gives you the ability to share content to social media as well, a company could possibly have multiple channels on Newstoter syndicating news to the search engines and social media,” says founder Brian Allen.

The site features a diverse collective of Black businesses with global appeal spanning across three continents including the Caribbean. It includes BlackHairInformation.com, HipHopdx.com, TheBlackSphere.net, ThisisRNB.com, BlackSportsOnline.com and StLuciaTimes.com just to name a few. Considering the various social and cultural dynamics playing out in today’s world, Newstoter aims to serve as a bridge to highlight matters that directly impact black lives. This powerful stream will birth positive experiences in unique ways.

For more details, visit www.newstoter.com. Be sure to follow Newstoter on Facebook: www.facebook.com/NewsToter/ and Twitter: www.twitter.com/NewsToter


About Newstoter
Launched in June 2017, Newstoter is a news and entertainment outlet with over 6 categories and 20 subcategories covering black life in Africa, the UK and the Caribbean. It is the first Black American news aggregator with RSS feed subscribing capabilities. With no affiliation to any advocacy group, its content focuses on creating an engaging experience for the audience. It is a channel that is born out of extensive research and deep dialogues across the board. It exemplifies the face of the new ideologies, visions, and pursuits of blacks in our contemporary society.


Brian Allen