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Thursday, July 2, 2015

NFL Pro Invents, Patents Helpful Gadget in Ultimate End-Game Plan

Smart Sink Tray by Style Pro 31

The Smart Sink Tray in action

Nationwide — Super Bowl champion and veteran Strong Safety Bernard Pollard knows how to avoid disaster – both defensively and offensively. It’s a well-refined aptitude for safeguarding his team and identifying potential dangers and threats that led Pollard to invent and patent a one-of-a-kind lifestyle-enhancing, safety-promoting personal care product – the Smart Sink Tray® – that directly benefits women, men and children at home as well as business and leisure travelers; dorm room, condo cruise ships and apartment dwellers; hospital in-patients; and others.

Notably, although Pollard is in the prime of his career still actively playing in the NFL, the endeavor also represents his proactive pursuit and steadfast vision of sustained entrepreneurial success once his football career inevitably comes to an end. His company, Style Pro 31, is a means toward that end.

The Product
The ingenious Smart Sink Tray, the first of many product innovations to come from Pollard’s Style Pro 31 company, is a convenient, portable lightweight and affordable foldout tray that fits over most pedestal and traditional sinks to provide additional surface area and counter space (up to 284 square inches), alleviating and organizing the clutter that surrounds sinks and expanding usable space by allowing objects to be placed directly on it and stay organized—even with running water. The device also promotes safety by keeping electric appliances like blow dryers, curling and flat irons and shavers—and their cords—out of the sink and away from water hazards. When not in use the Smart Sink Tray’s collapsible design allows it to be easily stored and transported. Also heat resistant and dishwasher safe, standard personal care appliances will not burn the Smart Sink Tray and it can be easily cleaned. The exceptional Smart Sink Tray is designed for use in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hospitals, assisted living facilities, hotels, cruise ships and other travel applications.

“Multi-purpose and multi-functional, the Smart Sink Tray makes everyone happy,” notes Pollard. “Women love that they can keep more of their hair accessories, makeup and appliances at-hand and men love coming into a more organized, clutter-free bathroom where they can easily conduct their hygiene routine. College students who share sink space love the added surface area, and hospital in-patients can keep more of their critical items at hand and well within reach. Parents love that it helps keep kids safe from the many electric shock hazards in the bathroom. That kind of peace-of-mind is priceless”

The Pursuit
The Smart Sink Tray was conceived in 2012 when Pollard realized a problem in need of a solution: more space and organization while getting ready in the bathroom. Like all travelers, Pollard himself suffered hotel sink areas that were often dysfunctional, not proffering nearly enough space to accommodate all of the items people use to get ready. So, just as he does on the field, he tackled the problem head on by creating the Smart Sink Tray and establishing his Style Pro 31 company. This cleverly-designed device allows users to get ready and conduct their hygiene routine without the usual mess, stress and safety risks.

The Ultimate Post-Game Play
Unfortunately, more than half of NFL players experience economic strife after they retire from the league. Other more successful players resort to becoming a media commentator or announcer once their playing days are behind them, for which they earn a fractional salary of that realized as a pro football player. With these truths well in mind, Pollard has his sights set on a far higher caliber success opportunity: entrepreneurship. Even while he continues to flourish in the NFL, currently cited by Bleacher Report as one of the AFC’s top safeties Pollard holds strong to his vision of life beyond the gridiron, concurrently safeguarding his team and his future earning potential.

Despite Pollard’s intention to become a successful product developer and entrepreneur during and well beyond his NFL years, his products must stand on their own and resonate in the marketplace. This the Smart Tray does, and then some. This quote from Anita, a customer, speaks exemplifies the enthusiasm around the product: “Before I bought the Smart Sink Tray my bathroom was so messy and I was getting into arguments with my roommate every morning. Now that I have the Smart Sink Tray, the bathroom looks so neat and I carry my things on it like a food(so I don’t even have to leave my stuff in the bathroom) and I have neat area when I’m in the bathroom. Thanks Smart Sink Tray…love it, love it, love it.”

For more details about the product, visit www.stylepro31.com


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