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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Single Black Mom of 3 Launches Online Course to Help Entrepreneurs Overcome Fear and Doubt

Nicole Lee

Nationwide — Nicole Lee, a self-published author, entrepreneur, and visionary, has launched an interactive online course to help business owners who are struggling with fear and doubt caused by the pandemic, unemployment, and other uncertainties of the future. Her course is called How to Eradicate Fear – A Guide for Entrepreneurs and is based on her latest book of the same title.

She comments, “People’s hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations have been covered by the smog of fear, depression, and negative influences. Creating a space of authenticity and transparency, without judgment, creates a mindset of hope and ignites the idea of a bright future.”

For these reasons, Nicole has launched a course where she will work with participants and discuss ways that they can create that authentic space that is key to forward progress. She will offer visual solutions and tools that entrepreneurs can use to assist with our current times. Realistic, actionable, and successful growth strategies will also be discussed.

How to attend:
The virtual webinar is held every Tuesday and Thursday of each month from 12noon to 2pm EST. To register, click here to purchase tickets online.

About Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee is a loving mother of 3, a self-published author, the CEO of Counselor to the Entrepreneur LLC, and the founder of the Warrior Moms, a 501(C)(3) social enterprise. She has advanced knowledge of universal law coupled with the business success strategies, personal goals, and spiritual tools that are needed to enhance one’s life. Please visit NicoleLee.me for more information.

For press inquiries, contact (828) 747-5270 or nicole@nicolelee.me