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Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Man Is Suing a Local Pizza Restaurant For $260,000 Because the Employees Beat Him Up When He Tried To Rob Them

Nigel Sykes

Newport, DE — Back in 2010, a man named Nigel Sykes recently tried to rob Seasons Pizza restaurant in Newport, Delaware, but employees tackled him, took his gun, and beat him up. Now he is suing the restaurant for his injuries, and he’s doing it from jail.

Now 23-years old, Sykes has just filed a federal civil complaint claiming that the rough treatment was “unnecessary”. He also says that because of his incurred injuries during the attempted robbery, he wants to be compensated. He also claims in his suit that after employees subdued him, two local police officers improperly used their stun guns on him and denied him access to medical attention.

In his written complaint, Sykes admits committing the robbery and “displaying” a handgun. He then goes on to explain: “All of the Season’s Pizza employees participated in punching, kicking and pouring hot soup over my body. I was unarmed and defenseless and had to suffer a brutal beating by all of the employees of Seasons Pizza.”

“It is a joke lawsuit,” said Newport Police Chief Michael Capriglione. “It is sad to see this kind of suit being looked at. The court shouldn’t waste the taxpayers’ money.” But U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson is allowing the case to move forward.

Sykes filed his lawsuit from prison where he is serving a 15-year sentence for both robbery and attempted robbery.

He wants to be compensated more than $260,000. He is demanding $20,000 from each of the six restaurant employees, $20,000 from each of the two arresting officers and $100,000 from the restaurant itself.

On a side note, at the time of his arrest back in 2010, police said that Sykes was linked to nearly 10 other robberies including a bank, other pizza restaurants, a couple of fast food restaurants, and at least two convenience stores.

This guy has the nerve!

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