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Friday, April 21, 2023

35-Year Old Black Mom Dies After Childbirth, Grandma Left to Raise 12 Grandchildren

Patricia Pouncey and her daughter Nikita

Nationwide — Nikita Washington, a 35-year-old African American woman from Detroit, tragically died at Harper University Hospital a day after she gave birth to her 12th child, Nathaniel. Now, her mom, Patricia Pouncey, is raising her 12 grandchildren.

Pouncey has taken on the big responsibility as she still looks for answers about what exactly happened. Her daughter’s baby was born healthy via cesarean section. However, after giving birth she had to be treated for a loose stitch and excessive bleeding. Later, she was pronounced dead.

A death certificate from the Wayne County Clerk indicates that Washington died from “postpartum hemorrhage” and “complications from multiple cesarean sections,” according to CNN. But Pouncey still has unanswered questions about what the doctors did to try to save her.

“I haven’t talked to anyone from the hospital. I have not received anything from them. All I have is the death certificate,” Pouncey said.

Pouncey said she regrets not going to the hospital to accompany her daughter, who was apparently being treated for high blood pressure. But at that time, she had to stay home to care for her other grandchildren since her daughter’s husband is currently incarcerated.

“I’m worried about every mother,” Pouncey said. “Don’t ever, ever make the mistake that I made, letting your child go (to the hospital) alone. We need to give more attention to what’s going on.”

Moreover, after her daughter’s death, Pouncey is left to raise 12 children, whose oldest is 19 years old and youngest was 3 months. She said they will be able to buy a bigger home and a reliable vehicle, thanks to the donations they received from the GoFundMe their family set up. It has so far received more than $100,000.

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