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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Black Entrepreneur Launches Unique YouTube Channel to Solve Small Business Problems

Nina Ross

Nina Ross

Nationwide — There is a new all-business YouTube channel that outlines how to deal with a host of everyday business-related scenarios. These short videos – 10 minutes or less in most cases – educates entrepreneurs and executives on many topics, including:

* How to Write an Employment Offer Letter
* How to Review a Business Insurance Policy
* How to Write a Business Process
* Maintaining Control of Your Business
* New Hire Checklists
* How to Background Check Job Applicants
* What to Keep in an Employee’s Personnel File

Nina Ross, owner of the YouTube channel called Nina Ross Business Solutions, has been a Business Operations Manager since 2004. She provides online counseling for small business owners and managers on her YouTube channel. Business owners may request a video topic by writing it in the YouTube comment section under any video.

Subscribe to the channel now and click the notification bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

For more details, subscribe to Nina’s YouTube Channel, visit her web site at www.NinaRoss.solutions, or follow her on Facebook.


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