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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

“No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child” Among the Most Highly-Covered Positive Non-Celeb Stories! — Why No Movie Deal?

No Love, No Charity by Paul Lamar Hunter


Nationwide — Late in 2013, San Francisco Bay Area-based PR, et Cetera, Inc. president Toni Beckham issued a press release to introduce author Paul Lamar Hunter and his riveting and then new book No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child. Hunter’s inaugural literary offering is a gripping autobiographical account that describes how, despite overwhelming odds, he persevered.

Raised by his emotionally challenged mother in an impoverished, dysfunctional, abusive environment, Hunter (the 19th child of 21) came to be the first (and only) of the siblings to graduate from college with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from Upper Iowa University. Numerous local TV news and talk shows, and more than 40 newspapers and magazines have reported on his awe-inspiring life chronicle. News outlets all over the nation continue to find interest in Hunter’s stirring real life story.

So, why no movie deal?

Below is a selection of some of the print and electronic news coverage that No Love, No Charity has and continues to garner since the inspiring story’s introduction five years ago.

Mar. 2017: Jacksonville Free Press
Mar. 2017: The Washington Informer newspaper
Mar. 2017: SwagHer Magazine
Feb. 2017: Toronto Caribbean News
Jan. 2017: The Philadelphia Tribune

Aug. 2016: The Black Chronicle Newspaper
Feb. 2016: Genesis International Magazine

Nov. 2015: The Dallas Examiner Newspaper
Oct. 2015: North Dallas Gazette
Aug. 2015: Simply Elevate Magazine
May 2015: Black Enterprise Modern Man Magazine
Mar. 2015: Rolling Out Magazine

Oct. 2014: Chicago Defender Newspaper
Oct. 2014: Design & Trend Magazine
Oct. 2014: RadarOnline.com
Aug. 2014: AMPS Magazine (cover story)
July 2014: Ebony magazine


Hunter’s story is on The Chicago Crusader, Birmingham Times, and The Atlanta Voice‘s editorial calendars for feature stories over the next 90 days.

Hunter credits his determined spirit and unshakeable faith for lifting him above the fray to achieve impressive accomplishments. Having had 20 siblings, Hunter grew up with as many as 17 in the home at one time, in what he describes as abject poverty, chaos, and physical and mental abuse. His mother was frequently dismissive and often made downgrading and derogatory comments to her children. She told them that they would never be successful, and would amount to nothing in life. Most of the siblings received her negative remarks, but Hunter often did not accept her unkind words because he was defiant and determined to become the successful one in the Hunter family.

The siblings were all recipients of her physical abuse. When in a bad mood, his mother took it out on her children. Often for no reason, she disciplined them with any object that was close at hand. It was an old slave whipping. She would use a switch (a small thin tree or bush limb), extension cord or high-heeled shoe; she hit them in the face with her fist.

The mother, who was mentally ill, also subjected Hunter and his brothers and sisters to mental abuse. She discouraged school and offered no encouragement. She would sometimes call the girls prostitutes, ugly and drug addicts. She told her boys that they were lazy and would likely spend their respective lives in jail. Hunter’s mother was relentless in her attempts to destroy her children. As a result, the 19th child and some of his siblings became stronger adults and productive contributors to society. So again, why no movie deal?


About PR, Et Cetera, Inc.
PR et Cetera, Inc. is an experienced and highly-demanded Public Relations and Marketing Communications firm that president Toni Beckham established more than 25 years ago—excitedly representing her first revenue client—Tavis Smiley. The company serves the critical communications needs of a growing list of prominent and influential individuals, small public and privately-held companies, and non-profit organizations. PR et Cetera’s skilled writing services include press releases, company profiles, keynote speaker introductions, sponsorship/fundraising letters, biographies and collateral editing. Other specialized services incorporate strategic branding, crisis communications, and media training.

Beckham’s public relations company represented controversial Richmond (CA) High School basketball coach Ken Carter when MTV Films and Tollin/Robbins Productions adapted and produced his biographical sports drama for what became a hit movie. The film, titled “Coach Carter,” starring veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson as Carter, was released to movie theaters in January 2005. Coach Carter said, “I credit Toni Beckham with obtaining the overwhelming media coverage that ultimately led to a Paramount Pictures feature film based on my life story.”


To book interviews with Paul Lamar Hunter, obtain high-res images, request review copies, or to submit story rights inquiries, contact: Toni@PRetCetera.com | 209-832-8020 / 408-499-3664c.

Mr. Hunter is available for speaking engagements and book signings.